Happy weekend!

This week on the blog I shared our favorite grilled shishito peppers! I also shared this cucumber melon chopped summer salad and these pulled pork nachos with pickle slaw! And finally, I started up my summer fridays series again now that it’s June.

Here’s a new menu for a week along with a peek at a week in our life. And you can find my May favorites right here!

The Everyday Dinners cookbook club is on fire! If you have a copy of the bookrequest to join the group. If not, get one here! We just started a new spring cooking challenge. It is such a wonderful community and an amazing place for recipe ideas.



Shrimp fajitas for the win!

This greek farro salad is gorgeous.

Chicken smash burgers! OMG yum.

Love a strawberry crumble.

Boom boom shrimp. Delish!

These rhubarb raspberry pastries are so pretty.

Peanut butter pie is the best.

Whoa. This mint chocolate ice cream!!

Mini strawberry rhubarb pies. Cute!

Craving these baked black bean tacos.

Banana pudding ice cream. Yes.