These are our favorite summer weeknight meals! Fresh and delicious dinner ideas that come together quickly and are huge crowdpleasers. These are the ones we love the most!

I’ve got the best summer weeknight meals for you!

These are our favorite summer meals – the ones I find myself making constantly over the season. We all love these dishes and they are mostly easy to throw together. Plus, they utilize the best of the summer produce.

I also take into account some of my favorite sauces and dressings – vinaigrettes, pesto and chimichurri – things that I can prepare ahead of time and use in other meals too. I find that condiments like that are a staple in my fridge over the summer and help to elevate any meal, even breakfast.

I have a few methods for our summer dinner routine. One is to make something on the grill – a meat or fish, and serve it with a grain salad of sorts. Another is to make a big clean-out-the-fridge pasta with lots of fresh ingredients. You’ll see these methods used in the dishes below and I find that it’s so helpful to have an idea of what to make.

What are some of your favorite summer dinners?!

15 Summer Weeknight Meals

Grilled chimichurri chicken with couscous salad

Slow roasted tomato farro salad

20 minute summer squash pasta

Grilled honey mustard chicken and broccoli

Grilled romaine salads

Summer grilled chicken rice bowls

Summer grilled salmon with chimichurri

Burst tomato burrata pasta

Marinated tomato BLTs

Melted zucchini baked ziti

Summer risotto stuffed peppers

Mini pesto chicken meatball soup

Summer BBQ chicken grilled pizza

Grilled hot honey chicken with corn salad

Cheeseburger salad with pickle vinaigrette