tuesday things

1. Do you organize your books by color or by genre? Or by alphabetical order? I am team color all the way, but that’s mostly how I view the book in my head, so I can easily know where to grab it.

2. Majorly craving this frozen apple cider margarita.

3. Not me over here already looking at all the holiday decor online…

4. TV things!! I was so excited to see new Virgin River episodes. I’m halfway through and eh, it’s okay. Fairly good, but… nothing will ever beat those first two seasons for me.

5. How to manifest better friendships.

6. I tried the starbucks pumpkin cream chai latte and actually liked it. And I am not a big tea person at all.

7. We should eat bread when scared. Interesting!

8. I had no idea that pepperoni rolls aren’t a thing everywhere until I made this strata!