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I got through a ton of books this month! While I usually only listen to nonfiction, I actually listed to four fiction books this month while packing up our house to move. I couldn’t stop! I also got a good portion of my reading time back with the school dropoff/pickup line which is excellent. I really really really loved everything I read this month.

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You With A View – 5 stars

This was my favorite book of the month! Oh my gosh. I loved this story. This is about a girl who is going through her recently deceased grandmother’s things and finds a “mystery” love letter. This event ends up putting her in a situation with a former frenemy (haha) and the story goes from there. I absolutely LOVED the grandparent relationships in this book!! So wonderful. And the ending is just so good.

None of This is True – 4 stars

Needed a good thriller and this fit the bill! I had wanted to read this one for weeks. This story is about a podcast host who meets her birthday twin at a bar one night – and everything erupts from there. It is so twisty and crazy and you don’t know what is going to happen next. A really good one!

The Way I Hate Him – 3.5 stars

This was a kindle unlimited book and I’d seen it a few times so decided to go for it. I ended up liking it so much!! This is about a girl who ends up accidentally/secretly working for her family’s nemesis. It’s a cute, light and easy read – fairly spicy too. But I enjoyed it for something fun and fast.

In The Likely Event – 4.75 stars

This was recommended to me on kindle unlimited too and I am SO glad I ended up going for this one. Based on the description, I had zero interest in this. I did not want to read about a plane crash or a war (not spoilers, both are in the description of the story), but I ended up loving this one so, so much. The story follows two people who share an insane life experience and the story goes from there. It’s kind of a second change romance in a way. It’s so good! I started to listen to Fourth Wing (which I haven’t finished yet) and I think that’s how I found this author.

The Things We Leave Unfinished – 4 stars

This was another kindle unlimited recommendation after I read the above. I really liked this one too! I found it to be a slightly slower that the previous book and I am generally not into historical fiction. But I liked this a lot. There is a twist at the end and while I considered that it might be coming, I was still pretty surprised. And loved it.

The Christmas Orphans Club – 5 stars

Oh my gosh. This is Becca Freeman’s new book that comes out later this month and it is SO lovely and wonderful. Fabulous writing, incredible characters – this is going to be the book of fall. The friendship is so heart warming!! I could not recommend it more. My other favorite of the month. Please go preorder it to support her!

Tom Lake – 5 stars

AHHH!! So I listened to this solely because Meryl Streep narrates it. Which is fabulous. It’s about a family during the pandemic – the children come home to stay and they want to hear the story of their parents. I also loved it because it takes place in Northern Michigan on a cherry farm! My dream. Anyway, I LOVED IT. I will say that since the timeline jumps a little, it can be hard to follow while listening so you really want to pay attention. Fabulous.

The Summer I Turned Pretty/It’s Not Summer Without You/We’ll Always Have Summer – 4 stars

After Tom Lake, I decided to listen to The Summer I Turned Pretty series because the actors narrate it! I wanted something light and mind numbing that I didn’t need to follow super super closely (I’ve already read the books) and this was perfect. I listened to all three while packing up parts of our house to move – it was excellent. I do wish all three actors narrated it instead of two in each book though.

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