tuesday things

1. These horrible lantern flies are invading our house and yes this is the third week I’ve talked about these disgusting things but let me just tell you I’ve started shooting them down from the ceiling with Max’s nerf gun and it might be the most brilliant idea I’ve had all year.

2. Really need this small batch cheesecake!! How incredible.

3. My current obsession is that wonderful color of green that is out everywhere right now – it’s not quite a military green, but it’s also not forest. I’ve got a jacket and sweatshirt and boots in this green recently! Now I want sneakers. I also painted our mudroom a similar shade (dried thyme by SW!) in the new house.

4. I might start saying swicy now.

5. TV things!! I watched No Hard Feelings last week and wow, really was not a fan. And I love J Law so much! Also watched the Yellowstone marathon of course.

6. I am so ready to wear fall clothes, like give me all the cardigans and jeans and boots.

7. Things that weigh more the longer you carry them. I LOVE THIS.

8. Okay so I am not a true crime documentary or podcast person – I haven’t been able to watch anything scary/real since having kids. But I do like the occasional scam podcast (the scamanda, coco berthman ones, etc) and last week I listened to the Michael Jackson Think Twice podcast. I thought it was pretty well done and while it’s not exactly true crime, it opened up the floodgates to more. Then I listened to one called The Girlfriends (eh, it was okay) but now I’m interested in more. Send me some recs please. They just can’t be too murdery!