Oh this week.

Thankful for some magical sunsets this week.

Our week started out like most others and Monday morning was beautiful – the whole day we had incredible weather. But late that night, my brother suffered a major medical event during his hockey game and it’s very crazy how fast things can change. My brother is okay now, home, resting and recovering, thank God. We had just spent the entire weekend together. Emilia’s birthday, my dad’s birthday, his daughter’s baptism. It’s probably the scariest phone call I’ve ever received. I’ve relived it over and over again. All I could think about was that he has a baby! He is Max’s favorite person on earth. How is this happening!

I could write so much more. But, this has been the most incredible reminder as we go into Thanksgiving week of what we truly can be thankful for.

That morning, I was volunteering at Emilia’s kindergarten thanksgiving feast. I made the stuffing!!

Once we knew my brother was stable and okay, we resumed some of our normal week. Max had his last flag football game.

Jordy and I ran some errands, where he refused to sit down in the cart and also kept throwing off his socks and shoes. #thirdchild

This was right off our driveway. Incredible.


The kids also walked in light up night for their school.

We almost didn’t go, but it was 65 degrees! Last year when we went, it was 10 below zero with the windchill.

More beauty first thing in the morning.

And this little lovechunk out for a morning walk.

Speaking of lovechunks, I snuggled the heck out of my baby niece more than ever before, once my brother was home.

We have a local coffee shop that makes the best lattes.

Jordan in jordan.

This weekend we finally put up the kitchen tree. I did a post on it one year! You can find many of the ornaments here.

We also put up our regular living room tree. I don’t love this tree in this space in our new house. But since we just moved in, I haven’t wanted to buy anything until we’ve lived in the space. We didn’t get any new furniture and I didn’t buy anything new for Christmas. I’m making lots of notes on what to change and get for next year as the weeks go on.


Max had a few games this weekend. It’s so fun to watch him play.

And then he asked me to take this photo. I love it!

Snuggles all around this week.