Gonna let you in on a secret: I’m a self-proclaimed fondue freak.

seared filet fondue sliders I howsweeteats.com

It probably just has to do with the simple act of dipping cute tiny foods into a giant vat of cheese (which is the exact same reason my husband refuses to ever go to the melting pot, claiming that he’s “not paying $100 to cook his own food in a restaurant.”) and it also probably has something to do with my mom making us fondue when I was a kid on special occasions.

Oh, and maybe it has something to do with it being RIDICULOUSLY DELICIOUS.

seared filet fondue sliders I howsweeteats.com

Like so delicious that I hate it. It’s that good. I just can’t even stand it.

And I have to make a case for traditional fondue. It’s by far my favorite version – I’m all for the Swiss-iest of cheeses in my fondue to a point where it almost tastes sour with that hint of wine. GAH. Flipping out over it. Forever and ever

Last year I made a goat cheese fondue. It’s pretty fantastic, but nothing does it for me like the real old-school stuff. My mom was the fondue queen in the 70s and this is the reallllll deal.  She made it countless times for us in the 80s and I think I can still smell her Obsession perfume when I think of it. Well, that, or White Diamonds. Obviously. Good olds 80s and 90s perfume. (my drug of choice was Sunflowers, btw.)

seared filet fondue sliders I howsweeteats.com

My inspiration for this recipe came from our traditional Christmas Day dinner. My grandma always made a wonderful tenderloin and since she passed away, my mom has kept up with the meal. This is my solution to our leftover filet after Christmas, but also a simple snack or party food that you can throw together with a few smaller filets.It’s pretty darn easy but has tons of flavor because uh, hello? You are putting fondue on a sandwich. This is a thing.

Basically, it’s like entire holiday life smashed together in a slider. Memories for dinner!

seared filet fondue sliders I howsweeteats.com


Filet Fondue Sliders

Yield: serves 2 to 4 (or is easily multiplied)

Total Time: 30 minutes


2 (4 to 6 ounce) beef tenderloin filets (petit filet mignon)
1 teaspoon coarse sea salt
1 teaspoon freshly grated black pepper
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 garlic clove
1 cup dry white wine
1 1/2 cups freshly grated gruyere cheese
1 1/4 cups freshly grated emmentaler cheese (or another form of swiss cheese)
1 1/2 tablespoons cornstarch
1/2 tablespoon cherry brandy
1/8 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg nutmeg
2 cups fresh arugula greens
10 to 12 slider buns/dinner rolls


Season the beef with the salt and pepper. Heat a skillet over medium-high heat and add the olive oil. Once it's hot, add the filet and cover the skillet. Sear the filet on both sides until it's golden brown and cooked to your desired doneness. I like mine cooked medium, and that takes 2 to 3 minutes of searing when the skillet is covered. Once the beef is cooked, place it on a cutting board and let it rest for 10 minutes. Slice it into 1/4-inch thick pieces.

Rub a fondue pot with the garlic clove. Chop the clove in half and mince it. Add a sprinkle of salt to the garlic and mash it with a fork and knife to create a paste.

In a small saucepan, bring the wine to a simmer over medium heat. Toss all of the grated cheese with cornstarch. Add the cheese to wine in batches, stirring constantly until smooth. Add the garlic paste and nutmeg and stir. Pour the fondue into a fondue pot (preferably one that is heated underneath) - use the fondue for dipping the sliders, or simply use it as a cheese sauce op top the sliders.

Add the arugula to a bowl and toss it with a drop of olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper. To assemble the sliders, toast the buns if desired. Add slices of the filet topped with the fondue and arugula.

[fondue recipe from my mom]

seared filet fondue sliders I howsweeteats.com


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42 Responses to “Filet Fondue Sliders.”

  1. #
    Jennifer @ Peanut Butter and Peppers — December 23, 2013 @ 8:05 am

    Want to hear something sad? I have never had fondue. Can you believe it? I always wanted to go to one of those fondue restaurants, but never have and I have no idea why I never made it at home, after all everyone loves cheese! Totally weird! I love that your sliders are made with beef tenderloin! Such a great idea! They look amazing!! Happy Holidays!!


  2. #
    Molly @ Yes to Yolks — December 23, 2013 @ 8:12 am

    Yum! Love fondue! Also love how food evokes such specific memories in all of us. I could eat the whole batch. Like, right now.


  3. #
    Taylor @ FoodFaithFitness — December 23, 2013 @ 8:18 am

    I have actually never had a cheese fondue. HOWEVER, it’s a New Years Eve tradition in my family to have an oil fondue…so basically deep fry all.the.things. I need to try cheese though because that can only be amazing. These little sliders look like the perfect cheese fondue gateway!


  4. #
    Molly @ Duchess of Fork — December 23, 2013 @ 8:41 am

    Stop it. Just stop it. Give me this right now.


  5. #
    Kellie @ The Suburban Soapbox — December 23, 2013 @ 8:55 am

    Perfect! I just bought a tenderloin the size of my leg. For four people. So we will, most likely, have a few leftovers. I’m all about dipping an entire sandwich in cheese sauce so this is right up my alley. Bravo! Well done!


  6. #
    Bev @ Bev Cooks — December 23, 2013 @ 9:24 am

    Um, I wore Sunflowers, too. But I’m sure that’s not surprising.



  7. #
    Nicole — December 23, 2013 @ 9:35 am

    Looks amazing. Good to make for New Years Eve parties!


  8. #
    chris — December 23, 2013 @ 9:45 am

    OMG – your post hit too close to home. i am also a major fondue freak (have been to MP enough that I can make the Fiesta Cheese and Coq au Vin at home). My mom also made fondue for special occasions when I was growing up, so I do think that’s where part of my love and excitement comes from. (Plus, cheese.) And my husband also doesn’t like to pay to cook his own food, but he humors me anyway! I will totally try these out. :)


  9. #
    Tieghan — December 23, 2013 @ 10:03 am

    um….my family would freak over these. I am totally using the left over beef tenderloin from Christmas to make these for Christmas!


  10. #
    Melanie — December 23, 2013 @ 10:29 am

    If you have a Melting Pot near you, you should check out the specials! Ours (in Pittsburgh) does a Happy Hour and a “Late Night Fondue” that are both downright affordable…granted they only include the cheese and chocolate courses, but that’s what it’s all about!

    These look AWESOME. We usually have tenderloin, too, which I hated as a kid (I didn’t realize how tasty steak was until college), and this would be a great use of the leftovers!


  11. #
    Laura (Blogging Over Thyme) — December 23, 2013 @ 10:31 am

    Wow! Sadly, I’ve had very little experience with fondue (I don’t love swiss cheese though)–but this looks amazing. That filet looks perfect!


  12. #
    Amanda @ Food, Fitness, Faith — December 23, 2013 @ 10:34 am

    I’m giving you a round of applause, a standing ovation, and asking for an encore because these are absolutely brilliant! Genius!


  13. #
    Averie @ Averie Cooks — December 23, 2013 @ 11:01 am

    I haven’t had fondue in maybe 5-7 years? I know, it’s been awhile! But before I had Skylar, we used to ALWAYS go out for fondue but it’s quite a lengthy dinner and one of those things you linger over. Which doesnt make it great fo little r kids but she’s old enough to come with now. I could just do it at home! Thanks for the fun idea :)


  14. #
    kelly @ livelovepasta — December 23, 2013 @ 11:12 am

    I am dying over this.


  15. #
    Megan {Country Cleaver} — December 23, 2013 @ 11:27 am

    Every year for new year we go to a big shin dig and have to bring appetizers – and without fail there is melted pots of cheese – obviously this is a sign and this will be made.


  16. #
    Lauren — December 23, 2013 @ 11:40 am

    These look and sound delicious. I’d never have thought to add a fondu to filet!



  17. #
    Kim @ Adventures In A New(ish) City — December 23, 2013 @ 12:21 pm

    These look incredible!

    Also, I wore Exclamation perfume like it was my job.


  18. #
    allie@sweetpotatobites — December 23, 2013 @ 12:44 pm

    mmmm I’m going to have to give this a try. love fondue!

    And I wore Sunflowers too. And was obsessed with CK One.


  19. #
    Yum Yucky — December 23, 2013 @ 12:45 pm

    I.. I .. I.. I be speechless. #want


  20. #
    JulieD — December 23, 2013 @ 1:36 pm

    OMG Cheese is right! I love this!


  21. #
    Happy Valley Chow — December 23, 2013 @ 2:33 pm

    Holy freakin cow! That looks absolutely incredible and such a creative idea. Definitely bookmarking and trying this sometime. Thanks for sharing and Happy Holidays :)

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow


  22. #
    Mariah and Coty@quirksandtwists — December 23, 2013 @ 3:15 pm

    This is crazy awesome!


  23. #
    Shea @ Dixie Chik Cooks — December 23, 2013 @ 3:15 pm

    Oh.My.Word. Those look insanely delicious!


  24. #
    Anne — December 24, 2013 @ 12:14 am

    Your husband is so right! Especially when you can make this magic at home AND wear sweatpants. Win!


  25. #
    Dennis — December 24, 2013 @ 7:43 am

    I love cheese! This is a great party food idea, thanks for sharing! :)


  26. #
    margaret — December 24, 2013 @ 7:51 am

    As always, a very timely post. We just went to the Melting Pot on Sat night with friends. I dressed the part in a 70’s wrap dress and Farrah Fawcett hair….It was a blast! I love fondue. You need to drag your husband…the turtle chocolate pot at the end is so worth the price!! and little rice crispy treats cut in perfect cubes…


  27. #
    Nicocobell — December 24, 2013 @ 9:29 am

    Oh My Cheese! I’m the opposite of your husband, I’d much rather have fondue at a restaurant and then I don’t have to clean the cheese out of the fondue pot! I love the idea of sandwiches with fondue!

    Merry Christmas!


  28. #
    3girls1apple — December 24, 2013 @ 11:14 am

    WHAT? This looks ridiculously soooo GOOD!!!


  29. #
    ATasteOfMadness — December 24, 2013 @ 9:22 pm

    I cannot believe I have never tried fondue. What is wrong with me!! This looks great!


  30. #
    Helen @ Scrummy Lane — December 25, 2013 @ 9:45 pm

    Yum! I love dishes that absolutely require sharing … and that’s what Christmas is all about, right?
    Merry Christmas and thanks for all the inspiration on the blog.


  31. #
    Teffy — December 27, 2013 @ 7:38 am

    Oh god I’m the same, I absolutely love fondue.
    I was just in Switzerland and we had ourselves a fondue & raclette party. So much cheese but oh so good!

    {Teffy’s Perks} X


  32. #
    The Mrs. — December 27, 2013 @ 9:37 am

    This is insane and I must try ! pinned it!


  33. #
    Larry — December 27, 2013 @ 3:31 pm



  34. #
    Alexe @ Keys to the Cucina — December 27, 2013 @ 5:59 pm

    What a great idea! We currently have so much filet left over at my Mom’s house and we will definitely be making sliders out of ’em!


  35. #
    Jo Cooks (@jocooks_com) — December 28, 2013 @ 8:03 pm

    OMG these look so adorable. What a great idea! These would be perfect for New Year’s Eve!


  36. #
    Sara — December 24, 2014 @ 5:04 am

    This sounds yummy! Is there a way to make this without any alcohol?



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