1. I am insanely enamored with every swimsuit from Anthropologie.  I think they are the epitome of class.

I really want this one.

But I really want this one.

And this.

Further proof that I should have been born in the 1950s. I don’t belong here.


2. Remember the robin eggs from last week? Some of you thought they were fake. Totally not fake.

I didn’t open the window for obvious reasons, but yikes… I hope they grow out of their ugly phase.


3. Mr. How Sweet ate this for lunch on Saturday. Can we say life insurance?


4. I’m still eating this for lunch a million times a week. I’ve graduated to adding cilantro and sometimes making “melts.” Swoon.


5. For the iced mochas, I’ve been using Trader Joe’s Midnight Moo. Totally love it.

And since it’s from TJ’s, it is soooo healthy. Everything there is healthy. You should try their bacon. And their cheesecake. Full of health.


6. I’m still hurtin’ from my workout on Saturday. Ow.