I want to bake you cookies.

Well, really… I want to make you a sandwich.  Like… this one. Then bake you cookies. Maybe like a picnic type thing? We can drink Coke out of glass bottles with pretty red and white straws and watch ants crawl on our legs. I’ve never even been on a picnic. Don’t you feel bad now? No joke when I tell you I live in a bubble. Someone get me a blanket, a basket and a plane ticket to Greece. That should pop it.

But I don’t think we can take this sandwich on our picnic. This sandwich should be made and promptly eaten, if for no other reason than you’ll look really ridiculous with drool dripping down your chin. And for someone who doesn’t like mayo (me… and likely you), I’m pretty sure you will like this. It’s filled with cheese after all. And green stuff that will make you feel healthy.

I thought maybe I’d grown out of my crispy shrimp phase when it had been 3 whole days since I’d eaten those tacos, but then I found these personal ciabatta sandwich rolls at my grocery store and they said… “stuff some crispy shrimp into my fat, fluffy rolls please. Please. Do it now!” Seriously. I do what I’m told.

Then I listened to Pumped Up Kicks 34 times and danced in my kitchen trying to figure out the words. The first 12 times I sang “pumped up kiss” then the next 22 changed it to “pumped up kids.” Thank God for google.

And lunch.


If you’re feeling frisky you can use whatever bread you have on hand or do something whacked like make this into pasta. Or maybe even serve it on a salad, but honestly – why would you want to do that?! Don’t ruin it.

And you might not want to wear a bikini on our picnic because… I totally fried these shrimps in bacon grease. BEST SHRIMPS EVER. It’s like a shrimp BLT, but better. Times a million.


You want one of these. Trust me.