1. I got so used to sleeping in a giant king sized bed all by myself last week, that when I woke up yesterday morning as Mr. How Sweet was hovering over me for a goodbye kiss, I absolutely freaked out and thought that some creepy man was in my hotel room. I was shaking for about 35 minutes after that.


2. Our hotel lobby had a different fruit infused waters everyday. This strawberry mint was my favorite. You have no idea how tempted I was to take my Smart Water liter and refill it with that. Can I get any more tacky?!


3. After my boiling wax/blister fiasco last week, things were starting to heal nicely. Until I woke up in the middle of the night on Monday and slammed my blistered hand in the bathroom door. That was awesome.


4. After eating everything and anything over the last 6 days, yesterday I did the cupcake circuit and wanted to die. I’m limping like no other today.


5. It is my main goal in life to convince Adrianna to start a fashion blog. I need her to come live with me. I love this girl.


6. Bella is getting huge. I wish the world was made up of babies and puppies.


7. I went on a major Pinterest binge today. 2 hours of my life… gone forever.


8. I am so in love with the seasons changing I can hardly stand it.