1. When I was away last week, I shared 5 of my favorite quick and easy dinner ideas on Kelly’s blog. Then I totally forgot to tell you about it. Fail.


2. Ashley came over today and we spent the day doing very productive and important things like BS-ing for 5 hours. Oh! She also brought me these peanut butter cup donuts. I might die. Someone needs a donut pan…

I need to make this recipe immediately.


3. This is so.. weird? brilliant? insane? cool? creepy? … weird? I don’t know. Whatever.


4. Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned Ulta’s 21 days of beauty? I also bought this moisturizer and I freaking love it. I never use anything on my face makeup-y besides blush, but now I can’t get enough of this. Awe.Some.

5. My computer is so slow I’m about to chuck it out the window. I would also appreciate someone (you) handing me a few toothpicks to hold open my eyelids.


6. I always looked forward to Halloween as a kid even though I loathed (and still do) dressing up in a costume. Now I really look forward to handing out candy because for some reason that is totally fun for me. Mr. How Sweet insists on buying big candy bars because apparently he supports rotting teeth. I am a total Snickers lover but honestly? I always root for the underdog – the often overlooked and underestimated Mallo Cups.


7. I was a master Halloween candy-stealer from my brothers growing up. I was good at trading too. “Hey… I’ll you this half-opened pack of stale Sweet Tarts and this apple from my bag if you give me 5 of your king-sized peanut butter cups.”


8. I always want to buy Mallo Cups but uh… I have this thing called a food blog? I think I know what to buy to hand out “for the kids” this year.


9. Speaking of Halloween, my dad used to get a giant pumpkin, cut out the bottom and clean it out, cut eyes and a mouth (important!) in it, put a sheet over his head and body then wear the pumpkin over his head… and sip beer through a straw in the mouth hole while we trick or treated. Love?