1. Please, please, please tell me you’ve watched this video from Jimmy Kimmel. I laughed until I cried.


2. Speaking of crying, this is the milkshake I had on Friday that was NOT MY IDEA. After drinking about a fourth of it, I felt like I wanted to die but couldn’t stop. I am so sick minded that I really want to recreate it for YOU.


3. Last week I went on a mayyyyjor pinning binge of Christmas and holiday related things. Now I just need a million dollars, a new house and for Martha Stewart to be my BFF.


4. Watching J.R. on dancing with the stars makes my want to bawl my eyes out. I love love love him! He is so, so, so passionate. I adore passionate people. Even if they are passionate about things I dislike, like vegetables or cats, I can’t get enough. People… have a passion. It’s so important.


5. Many of you are asking me what I’m making for Thanksgiving, and the answer is nothing. Well, that is sort of a lie… I don’t cook anything on holidays because we gallivant all over the place. I normally make some sort of dessert that makes your eyes bulge out of your head. I will probably do that, but this year I already told my mom I am bringing butternut squash lasagna (much to her dismay… I don’t think she’s ever even tasted squash) and Tina’s brie that I told you about already. I’ve only been think about that EVERY SECOND OF MY LIFE.


6. I lost a few hours of my life yesterday morning immersed in Tracy’s blog. I literally want to eat everything she posts for every meal for all of eternity. Seriously.


7. Here is the chocolate chipwich I also mentioned today that was NOT MY IDEA. You can imagine how hard it was to get me to eat this. People had to hold me down.


8. What are your winter staple meals? I love hearing about what others make since my life is usually overtaken by whatever recipes I’m sharing that week. Some of my favorites include this white chicken chili (made approximately twice a month), Sarah’s thai veggie burgers (from her book) that I make a double batch of every single time my husband is out of town, this chicken pot pie that graces us with it’s presence about once a month, and a version of this lightened up chicken parm (now I make my own whole wheat panko and use thin-sliced chicken breasts) which is currently in my oven. I also opened up a box of Trader Joe’s veggie burgers last week that I bought a lifetime ago. They were okay, but I’ll be honest: I slathered them in gouda and Bone Suckin’ Sauce.


9. Mr. How Sweet is finally home this entire week after traveling for all of October. All I can say is that someone better get me a king-sized bed. Stat.


10. Here is a picture I took from the plane on Sunday. It made me want to jump out the window.