1. I was assigned this chocolate fudge pudding mess above, also known as FREAKING HEAVEN, for a freelance project and from the looks of things, you can imagine how that turned out. I wanted to die. And judging by the amount I ate, I probably should have.

2. Last night I was searing some marinated chicken when my husband walked into the kitchen and literally SCREAMED “why are you doing that over high heat?! You’re ruining it!! I hate when my chicken is dry!!” Um, really? Like he cooks dinner all the time or something.

3. I formed the glare from hell on my face then asked when the last time was that I served him dry chicken.

4. The chicken was very, very excellent. I win. Again! I also may be dramatic. But not.

5. Pittsburgh people! I’m judging a dessert bake-off on April 25th at Bloomfield Bridge Tavern that benefits Best Buddies Pa. You should totally enter (see here or contact me for details) or at least come and eat dessert with me.

6. I can’t even get over these parmesan truffle tater tots. Seriously? Is this real life?

7. Speaking of truffle stuff, my mom (who isn’t that… “into”… food) ordered truffle fries for the first time two weeks ago. Upon asking her how they were, she claimed to be incredibly disappointed because she said they tasted WEIRD and not like normal french fries. “Like, uh… truffle?” I asked. She hated it. Additionally, I might be adopted.

8. You know how I hate coffee? Well, sometimes I don’t when it’s iced. But then I do. But then I add a third of a cup of chocolate syrup and I don’t. But then I do again because it’s just so gross and dirty-water like. But then I don’t because I think it tastes like coffee ice cream. But then I do because it never does. What I’m getting at is that I STILL keep buying iced coffee and hating it. I will never be cool. I just can’t accept it.

9. The idea of the blueberry bacon breakfast cake today came from my friend Kelly, who ate a blueberry bacon cupcake and said it was “really good.” This is huge, because Kelly is one of those people that only likes her food in it’s “normal” state and also does not allow the foods on her plate to touch. Can we say those flavors are a winner? I’m making a blueberry bacon grilled cheese tonight.

10. Bella… I have no words. Just stop. But don’t. Ever.