1. Even though I had two failed attempts at buttercream last week, I still had to snap that obligatory meringue-on-the-whisk photo. And trust me, the fails had nothing to do with anything other than the fact that I have the patience of a toddler.

2. Those 80’s glam sharpies that I showed on Sunday? They are changing my life. I am forever a 4th grader.

3. I’m trying to sleep smarter. I’ve always said I haven’t got a good nights sleep since getting married (hello snoring and husband that thrashes around all night) but I’m sure it obviously has something to do with the fact that I’m eternally connected to all things technology. I’m trying to disconnect earlier than usual and not watch four episodes of Friends reruns every night – like episodes I’ve seen 800 times – but so far, I’m failing.

4. I should just name this post “other people’s stuff I’m loving” because I’m about to throw a thousand links your way since I can’t choose: this gin and tonic sorbet has me freaking out, these pancakes, or shall I say the pictures of these pancakes make me want to eat beets… sorta, this styled Valentine’s day shoot is how I wish my entire life looked every single day and these bruschetta burgers are going to be dinner later this week. People are killing it.

5. You know what? I’m still very much in a heated debate with myself over those wedge sneakers that I mentioned a few weeks ago. Are these really going to continue to be a thing? There were so not made for someone like me (short and stumpy) and I’m pretty sure the only reason I’m infatuated is because I could get away with being comfortable and three inches taller at the same time. This rarely happens. I definitely fear that I will look horrific.

6. This is going to be a very TV heavy post because well, other than cook, write and read, I watch TV. Most boring life ever. So: Girls? Enjoyable. As usual, embarrassing. Anyone else feel extreme secondhand humiliation when Marnie broke down in the wine cellar? Yeah. However, I have to say that the show that has me wishing the weeks away is Nashville. I’m talking full-blown, normal HBO caliber obsession. I’m basically living for Wednesdays. I want to move to Nashville. I want to be a country star! I can’t even sing in the shower.

7. Also, even though in my opinion The Office should have bowed out gracefully about three years ago, I love this piece questioning why they must screw with Jim and Pam. I think I liked it so much because my husband is SERIOUSLY FREAKING OUT. I mean, he can’t even take that they are toying with their relationship, even though we all know they will come out fine. It’s really bothering him. So passionate. Hilarious.

8. Pretty convinced we have the microwave from hell. Not only does it sound like the house is going to blow up when it’s being used, but after 30 seconds it leaves 3/4 of whatever is in there scalding hot and somehow the rest ice cold. Sometimes after 12 seconds a bowl is so hot I can’t grab it to touch. Other days, three minutes isn’t enough to warm something that is already at room temperature. Riddle me that. I’ve decided the world is indeed ending and it’s started with this dumb appliance.

9. I’m about five minutes away from going to see Safe Haven by myself. I love seeing movies by myself. In the afternoon of course, because I’m unfortunately still a little bit of a neurotic, insecure freak.

10. This song came on my iPod yesterday when I was about to quit a workout and totally saved my life. It bought me like, 20 extra minutes. I turned it up so loud my eardrums almost burst. Is that what all the kids are doing these days?

11. Speaking of dinners, I’ve been cooking an insane amount of dinner lately. For about three months we were eating out SO MUCH. It was awful. Now I’m on a dinner cooking spree (like in addition to all of my blog/freelance cooking) and it is amazing. Last night I roasted a chicken and am currently using the leftovers to make this chili. Freaking love that soup. I’ve been thinking of it since I woke up this morning. Which should clue you in to how productive I’ve been…

12. I did, however, buy insanely bright, glittered green and teal eyeliner. So there’s that. Productivity at it’s finest. I think we can classify February 19th as a win.