Can we have a party?

Spiked Rice Krispie Treat Shake Shooters I

No, really. We need to have a party.

Because we must drink these little shakes together.

It’s probably the only time that it’s acceptable for us to do shots in invisible internet friend world. (false.)

Spiked Rice Krispie Treat Shake Shooters I

If you follow me on instagram, then you know that a week ago I had a shake just like this for lunch. Rice krispie treats are one of my guiltiest pleasures and I just could NOT get over it.

You know why.

Come on. I know you do.

Say it with me… the texture! Given the texture freak that I am… gah. This straight up does me in.

These squishy little squares were one of my favorite things ever when I was a kid – and I’m talking about the REAL kind, not the ones in the metallic blue package. Those ones sort of ruined my life because when they came along, we stopped making the real ones as often and that just… sucked. Give me some rice krispie treats, some gushers, a Saved By the Bell marathon (I’ll take some college years too) and a caboodles case full of string so I can weave my own candy stripe. I’ll make you one. I swear.

P.S. did you know that Kelly Kapowski turned 40 yesterday? I died a little inside.

Spiked Rice Krispie Treat Shake Shooters I

So. All we have here is a vanilla marshmallow milkshake, spiked of course, with actual rice krispie treats blended in. Couldn’t you just add the cereal and skip the treat making? Eh. Possibly. But no. I assume the cereal would get soggy without the marshmallow bind and just be quite blah. Plus, you NEED the treats to cover the top with. And eat into oblivion.


And they come in fun little shooter size for things like that certain football game everyone is talking about. (in that case, you can find a million recipes here and here.) You can totally make one giant or two semi-large shakes to consume yourself, but the mini ones are fun for a crowd. And leaves room for extra SNACKS.

Okay I’m out. Rice krispies and all.

Spiked Rice Krispie Treat Shake Shooters I

Spiked Rice Krispie Treat Shake Shooters

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  • To make the rice krispie treats, add the butter to a large pot over medium heat. Whisk constantly until the butter is sizzling and brown bits begin to form in the bottom of the pot, about 5 minutes. Turn the heat down to low and immediately add the marshmallows, stirring continuously with a wooden or heat safe spoon until melted. Stir in the vanilla extract. Turn off the heat and add the cereal, stirring until it’s all combined with the marshmallows. Press the mixture into an 8×8 baking dish and let it sit for 15 minutes.
  • To make the milkshakes, add the milk, vodka, ice cream and marshmallow fluff to a blender. Take about 3/4 of the rice krispie mixture and break it apart, tossing it into the blender. Blend and pulse until the milkshakes come together then pour them in glasses. Take the remaining rice krispie treats and cut them into small chunks, placing them on top of the shakes with fat straws. Serve immediately with fat straws. They are a must!


[inspired by a shake at burgatory]

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Spiked Rice Krispie Treat Shake Shooters I

mini means eat more. #truth