tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I secretly want a gigantic snowstorm. Don’t hate.

2. UH hello most adorable mini brie and jam pie edible gift. Really wish I would’ve seen this last week!

3. I am on a very weird italian sub kick. This is “very weird” because I have never cared for deli meat… like ever. In my life. All of a sudden a hot italian sub is ALL I want to eat. I took down two in a matter of 18 hours this past weekend. I’m basically making Eddie stop at DeLallo’s every day on his way home.

4. All I want to do at the moment is play board games all day. I don’t even know if we own a board game – well, we probably do but it’s still packed. Because four months later, that’s normal.

5. A few days ago I tried an eggnog latte ICED. It tasted like actual ice cream and I am now in a depression that I didn’t order it that way the last few months.

6. So all of my favorite TV shows are either over (major sad face) or on hiatus, and honestly this is killing me since I’m awake about 22 hours out of the day and planted on the couch the entire time. Eddie and I started to watch The Wire last week. I might rewatch House of Cards since it will be back on soon. Tell me, tell me! What should I watch? I really want the amazing/omg/totally sucked in feeling that I got from The West Wing two years ago and Sons of Anarchy last year. TV is liiiiife.

7. Speaking of, middle of the night TV is pretty atrocious, but I have come across some reruns of the Girls Next Door on E! from about 2 to 4 AM. OMG. It kills me. I really would rather read instead, but I try to feed Max in the dark… soooo do I break down and buy a kindle? UGH. Can they make one that smells like books? Seriously.

8. Many of you keep asking about baby updates – and there is a separate page for that! It doesn’t come through the RSS or email feed, but I’m posting on it once a week – just run your mouse over the “crumbs” tab.

9. Are you doing the whole resolution thing? I’m not, but I do hope to make another vision board this year. At the moment, it feels like I will get to that in 2017, but whatever. It’s perfect for a magazine hoarder like me.

10. See also: 4 ways to make 2015 better. I’m all about #4. LOVE ALL THE THINGS. You know I’m obsessed with, well, everything.

11. New Years Eve cocktail? What are you thinking? Give me something good. It’s like my first cocktail – back in the game.