Happy product junkie day!

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Ooooooh it’s the best day of the month.

So! I don’t have a ton of favorites this month since it’s sweltering and I’m trying not to sweat off makeup everyday of my life. Living in sunscreen, maybe some concealer, always some mascara, and if I go anywhere, tons of bronzer and highlight. My faves. I am still loving the Sephora cushion bronzer and and practically living in my eye gels, especially after a bachelorette party weekend. Oops.

Let’s good to the goods!

Oh and P.S. exciting stuff: over on instagram I’m holding a giveaway with the Voxi Voyage bags and some of my beauty faves! Specifically, a Glam Glow Glowstarter AND the Sephora Cushion bronzer!! Enter enter enter.

Josie Maran Nirvana Hydrating Mist. A few months ago I told myself that I couldn’t buy any facial mists until I used all mine up, and this is one of the last on the list! I’ve had it for a few months but just started using it regularly more recently after finishing up MAC fix+, Urban Decay All Nighter Spray and the Tatcha Dewy Skin mist. Totally love this Josie one. The scent is pleasant and not overwhelming at all. I use it to set my makeup or just rejuvenate my skin throughout the day.

Drunk Elephant Shaba Complex Eye Serum. This is a newbie! I bought this a few weeks ago because after refusing to use an eye serum for the last few years (the Kiehls avocado eye cream was my favorite, but I ditched it once I was pregnant with Max due to parabens), I must have been feeling old and wrinkly and was convinced I needed one. I still don’t know if I *need* this or not but either way, I love it. It’s very moisturizing but not sticky and it works under my concealer. The packaging is very convenient (and cute!) too. Plus, um… I liked the brand’s name.

Formula X Victory Lap. I absolutely LOVE this pinky gold shimmer. Honestly I’m probably a bit too pale for it to be super flattering – I’m sure it’s amazing on darker skin tones. But I still love the shade. It’s been on my toes all month while that bright pink is being obnoxious on my fingernails.

Glam Glow Glowstarter Illuminating Moisturizer. It’s a repeat from last month but I LOVE THIS STUFF. Ugh. So freaking much. I seriously cannot get enough. It gives the prettiest, dewiest glow to my skin. I will mix it with anything and everything (BB Cream, foundation, moisturizer, sunscreen) in the morning and it brightens (literally) my day.

june beauty favorites I howsweeteats.com

Becca Champagne Pop Poured Creme Highlight. I don’t have any of the Becca highlighters (I’m super loyal to the Hourglass ambient lighting prodicts) but couldn’t resist trying one of the poured creme versions because I want all things bronzy and shimmery. This happens to me EVERY summer. I go crazy with bronzers and highlighters because I’m the palest person to ever walk the earth. But rambles aside, I love this a lot. It kind of turns into a powder once it’s on your skin. It’s a super pretty shade, really smooth and natural. It also feels like creamy silk too.

Voxi Voyage Bags. THESE BAGS. Okay, so full disclosure here: one of my good friends designed these bags after she was sick of traveling with all of her toiletries in ziplock bags. Um, hello, that is basically my life. Especially when I’m flying because I never want my stuff to spill out into my “nice” toiletry bags. You know. Anyhoo – these are adorable and reusable, but if something spills in them, no biggie, just toss it. There are different sizes and patterns and I love them to pieces. Best idea ever! Super excited that she just got on to QVC this week, and they are having a great deal. Also – you can enter the giveaway on my instagram for a bunch of bags for you and your friends!

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In. This is by no means a new-to-me product, but I hadn’t used it for ages. For years I’ve used the Unite 7 seconds leave-in conditioner. These days, my hair is SO tangly – it’s really long again, plus with it constantly being up on top of my head so it’s out of Max’s hands, sweating in it daily and swimming, it’s knot-city. When I get out of the shower, this is the best thing ever for my hair. No tangles anywhere! I use this first, comb out my hair, put it up in a t-shirt towel and spray it with Kenra blow dry if I’m drying it.

Orly Oh Cabana Boy. I mean… do we need an explanation here? NEON.

june beauty favorites I howsweeteats.com

Whatcha loving right now? Are you also totally flipped out about the fact that fall makeup launches are coming out, like, right now?! I mean, how, why but most importantly WHEN because I want it all.

Don’t forget about the giveaway!

{as usual, none of this is sponsored and all of these products were purchased by me, aside from the voxi voyage bags, which are designed by one of my close friends. i am not affiliated with any of the companies above, nor do i accept free products. just love to talk about what i like, makeup junkie to makeup junkie. there are a few amazon affiliate links above. thank you for being here!}