Ahhhh! How are we already here at one of my favorite posts of the year?! I can’t believe it.

2017 holiday baking list I howsweeteats.com #holidays #christmas #cookies #baking

I am SO in the holiday baking mood already. Max is super excited to bake cookies and I love having him help, even if it takes 67 times longer than it would if I did it by myself.

Speaking of!  This is how I manage to bake a boatload of treats at the holidays for friends and family while Max runs around: I make a bunch of the doughs on one day and refrigerate, and then bake them when I can over the next two days or so. Totally works out!

2017 holiday baking list I howsweeteats.com #holidays #christmas #cookies #baking

First things first. Last year, my cousin Lacy and I made our first Buche de Noel and loved it so much. We are planning on doing it again! We usually spend one day together and will make that, along with Tracy’s citrus peels, her homemade amaretto and then whiskey pretzels or something of the sort.

2017 holiday baking list I howsweeteats.com #holidays #christmas #cookies #baking

Otherwise, these are some of the treats I hope to make for the huuuuge cookie trays we love to take people at Christmas!

2017 holiday baking list I howsweeteats.com #holidays #christmas #cookies #baking

salted dark chocolate chunk cookies because we can’t get enough.

peanut butter blossoms. my all time favorite!

perfect cut out sugar cookies. these are the BEST foolproof, simple sugar cookies. only recipe i use!

my soft snickerdoodles and these chewy chai snickerdoodles. both and amazing.

soft gingersnaps. i always double this recipe. sometimes i make four batches! everyone loves them.

definitely these old school oreo balls, and chocolate coconut truffles, and buckeyes!

mother lovett’s pink and green thumbprints. can’t have christmas without them.

annnnd mother lovett’s orange cookies. huge hit.

these bourbon soaked cherry oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. ooooh yes.

definitely a bunch of peppermint pattie brownies.

and some peanut butter stuffed chocolate pretzel bark!

also these double dark chocolate peanut butter cup cookies. they are RIDIC.

2017 holiday baking list I howsweeteats.com #holidays #christmas #cookies #baking

SO I’d love to hear what is on your list this year! And what other fun things I should try?