Say hello to the prettiest chocolate bark EVER!

pomegranate pistachio swirled chocolate bark I #chocolate #bark #pomegranate #pistachio #christmas

I like to call this my holiday chocolate masterpiece… that took no time at all. Pomegranate chocolate bark with gorgeous marble swirls and crunchy, salted pistachios?

Oh hi. I’m in love.

pomegranate pistachio swirled chocolate bark I #chocolate #bark #pomegranate #pistachio #christmas

It’s embarrassingly easy. Just you wait.

pomegranate pistachio swirled chocolate bark I #chocolate #bark #pomegranate #pistachio #christmas

It’s no secret that I went through a SERIOUS chocolate bark phase back when I started the blog. My first ever trip into chocolate bark land was with this cake batter chocolate bark, which so so so many of you have made. Oh man, it remains one of the most popular recipes on the site!

I also made a layered cookies and cream bark (which I might break out again this year? I’m thinking yes.), a movie theater chocolate bark and this island-like tropical chocolate bark.

And this peanut butter pretzel stuffed chocolate bark!

How many times can I say chocolate bark? Never too many.

pomegranate pistachio swirled chocolate bark I #chocolate #bark #pomegranate #pistachio #christmas

This is SO much easier than it looks. Melt your dark chocolate, melt your white chocolate, swirl ‘em together and top with pomegranate jewels and pistachios. So festive! So fun! Super simple!

Also, ridiculously DELISH.

And sort of impressive.

pomegranate pistachio swirled chocolate bark I #chocolate #bark #pomegranate #pistachio #christmas

And my favorite part about this bark is that there is no question of should I or shouldn’t I refrigerate it. Since we’re using the pom seeds, you most definitely should. Just store it in the fridge! You’re good to go! It will last longer too.

And oh myyyyy gosh it’s so pretty.

pomegranate pistachio swirled chocolate bark I #chocolate #bark #pomegranate #pistachio #christmas

I’m annoyed with how pretty it is. And annoyed with how pretty I keep saying it is. But it is!

pomegranate pistachio swirled chocolate bark I #chocolate #bark #pomegranate #pistachio #christmas

Have you been baking yet or working on your holiday cookie plates? I made a TON of cookie dough this past week and it’s all stored in my fridge at the moment, so I’m going to bake bake bake when I can over the weekend. Blast some Leslie Odom Jr Christmas (omg it’s so so good!) and dance in the kitchen like a crazy person.

And drink bourbon eggnog. Or mistletoe margaritas.

pomegranate pistachio swirled chocolate bark I #chocolate #bark #pomegranate #pistachio #christmas

Now you have the perfect snacky treat to throw together and we come down to the wire!

pomegranate pistachio swirled chocolate bark I #chocolate #bark #pomegranate #pistachio #christmas

Chocolate Bark Recipe

Pomegranate Pistachio Swirled Chocolate Bark

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  • 16 ounces high-quality dark chocolate chopped
  • 16 ounces high-quality white chocolate chopped
  • 1/2 cup chopped roasted and salted pistachios
  • 2/3 cup pomegranate arils


  • To make the bottom base of the bark, take the chopped dark chocolate and melt it. You can do so over a double boiler or melt at 50% power in the microwave – if doing that, I melt in 30 second increments stirring well after each until melted. Spread the chocolate (minus about 2 tablespoons, so you can swirl that on top) on the parchment paper in a big rectangle (or any shape you’d like!) and let it sit until firm, about 1 hour. I usually speed up this process in the fridge, because I store this bark in the fridge anyway since it has the pomegranate seeds. It should be set in about 30 minutes if it's in the fridge.
  • Melt the white chocolate the same way. You white chocolate MUST be high-quality bars! White chocolate chips rarely melt well and tell to seize due to the ingredients. I like the get the Lindt bars and chop them up. Once melted, pour it over the dark chocolate layer. Gently drizzle in and swirl the remaining dark chocolate that you left in the bowl. Sprinkle on the pomegranate arils and the chopped pistachios. Refrigerate for 30 to 60 minutes.
  • After this, you can break or chop up your bark and serve it! Again, I like to keep it in the fridge to serve since it has the pom seeds. It's delish! This is usually not a bark I will "gift" for that reason. But it does make a nice hostess gift if you have it broken apart on a platter!


Polyunsaturated Fat: 0g, Monounsaturated Fat: 0g, Trans Fat: 0g, Potassium: 0mg, Vitamin A: 0IU, Vitamin C: 0mg, Calcium: 0mg, Iron: 0mg

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I appreciate you so much!

pomegranate pistachio swirled chocolate bark I #chocolate #bark #pomegranate #pistachio #christmas

Biting into this just makes you happy. I swear.