summer fridays I

Here we are for summer fridays in the heart of summer. We’re doing it! xo


Our perfect beach day. I realize that unlike my 17 year old self, this will rely heavily on how my kids are doing that day. But I’m curious about YOUR perfect beach day. My entire life growing up, we would wake up, ride bikes on the boardwalk and then be on the beach all day (and by “all day” I mean like 11 until 7 or so) and then we would move to pool before figuring out what we were doing for dinner. We rarely left the beach and took everything down that we could possibly need. My playlists on first-generation mp3 players were loaded and I would sometimes read a book a day. We’d take a long walk in the middle of the day and bring down everything we’d need to eat and drink. It was perfection.


Up to my favorite morning refresher. I’ve been drinking apple cider vinegar in the morning for over 10 years now but lately I’m loving it with 1/2 a freshly juiced orange, half water, a few grates of fresh ginger and a squeeze of lemon! Over ice too.


Since we’re going to Rehoboth this weekend, I’m allll over this orange crush. I can’t wait to try the grapefruit version! I’m also currently craving this frozen watermelon lime agua fresca because it’s SO refreshing. I often forget about all the mocktails I made while I was pregnant last year!


Now that the 4th of July has come and gone and we’re in the thick of summer, I’m alllll about the easy and quick summer meals. My favorites right now are this peach caprese salad, summer skillet gnocchi, crispy kale grilled cheese, grilled corn avocado toast and this summer BBQ quinoa salad. And then of course… all the heirloom tomatoes and sweet corn.


If you follow me on instagram, then you’ve heard me raving about this triple berry salad. It’s UNREAL. I have made it four times in the last two weeks for parties. I’ve switched up the cheese for feta and goat based on what I have in my fridge. Everyone raves over it. It’s super light and refreshing and with this 95 degree heat wave, it’s all I’ve wanted to eat.


Since Lacy and I are road tripping to the beach, this week we have a girl’s road trip playlist! Also, if you haven’t listened to the Maria Shriver episode on Oprah’s Super Soul Podcast, run to it! Go go go!


I finished The Perfect Couple this week and I ended up loving it SO much. I had a hard time getting into it but once I got in, it was so so good! Right now I’m into All We Ever Wanted. And Lacy and I are thinking about starting When Life Gives You Lululemons on audible while we drive!


I’m obsessed with this pockets sports bra that has pockets in it for a key or credit card or whatever. Brilliant, right? And since I’m beach-bound, wanted to share two beach blankets. This las bayadas one is the one I’ve had for a few years and it’s so neon and incredible. This waterproof one by little unicorn is a recent purchase and I can’t wait to take it. Seems like it will be great with the kids. I’ll report back!


I’m saying it for the millionth time, I know – but Rehoboth Beach this weekend for The Pretty Dish event at Browseabout books! What is your favorite (very kid friendly) place to eat?! More importantly, WHERE IS THE BEST ICE CREAM? Daily ice cream is a requirement at the beach. I’m so super excited to go there because I’ve wanted to visit for years!

summer fridays I

It’s the heart of s’mores season, people. Melty marshmallows, here I come.