One of our favorite weekends is finally here! And I have alllll the Kentucky Derby recipes for you.

favorite kentucky derby recipes

We love watching The Kentucky Derby and if you’ve been reading forever, then you know Eddie is a huge fan. It might just be his favorite day of the entire year.

And! If you have a copy of The Pretty Dish, then you know that I have a full derby day menu in there! Super fun with lots of snacks. But I have lots of recipes here on the blog too, so I wanted to share in case you’re partaking in the celebration on Saturday.

favorite kentucky derby recipes

17 of my favorite Kentucky Derby Recipes

If you’re into all things pimento cheese, then I have got you COVERED.

Of course, we have the BLT pimento cheese flatbread and crispy chicken tacos that I shared this month! But I also have this bacon ciabatta crostini with candied jalapenos and pimento cheese, as well as pimento cheese brunch grits, the cheesiest pimento cheeseburgers and pimento cheese chicken salad! It’s all to die for.

Oh and I almost forgot! This pimento cheese grilled cheese with SPIRALIZED PICKLE SLAW. Yes that is a thing.

favorite kentucky derby recipes

This pickled shrimp is lovely to make, and you can serve it with avocado or on a salad or just as an appetizer! These ambrosia parfaits are super fun and this 5 ingredient strawberry rose tart is amazing! If you really want to go all out, may I suggest this chocolate poundcake with bacon bourbon frosting? Eeep.

favorite kentucky derby recipes

And finally, mint juleps!

These blueberry mint juleps are probably my all-time favorite. But then we go and have fresh watermelon mint juleps and THOSE are my favorite. Don’t make me choose! These frozen peach and vanilla mint juleps are also amazing, as are the pineapple ones!

But quite possible the best mint julep inspired treat is this strawberry mango mint julep fruit salad – because it’s topped with whipped marshmallow!

If you’d like to skip the bourbon all together, then I suggest setting up a bellini bar.

favorite kentucky derby recipes

I’d love to what you’re making, or what you’ve made in the past that you love. I think I’m definitely going with a smoked gouda pimento cheese pizza. YES.