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Welcome to Summer Fridays, 2019!

For most of the year, I was on the fence if I was going to bring this back, but you guys loved it and have been asking for weeks now. It means so much to me that you wanted to see these posts again. And I’m so excited that it’s time! You can read about why I started Summer Fridays here last year. And just to reiterate. Is there ANYTHING better than a Summer Friday?

Besides maybe a Summer Thursday, that goes into a long weekend? I think not.

Summer Fridays are all about making summer weekends feel extra special and really enjoying this gorgeous season! Here’s what’s going on over here in this first full weekend of June!


All things strawberries. I am completely obsessed with them right now. If you want to let them shine but also MAKE something with them, you have to do this copycat panera strawberry poppyseed salad. I live for it. Also, this strawberry pasta salad is incredible too. And if you’re thinking desserts, go with my strawberry cobbler bars or fresh strawberry cobbler. YES.


All things rosé! If you missed yesterday, I shared my 2019 rosé guide and it’s all I plan on consuming this weekend! Including this watermelon frosé and frosé lemonade.I mean, how can I not?


I’m headed out of town for a few days, so I wanted to stock the fridge for Eddie and the kids. I made a small pan of ground turkey enchiladas, the bolognese from The Pretty Dish (I froze half for later) and the chicken from these smoky chicken pitas for easy lunches. This stuff will work for dinners, lunches (you know Eddie basically needs dinner for his work lunch) and I wanted to make sure that there was tons of food here to make it easy. I’m also making a batch of my favorite egg salad.


To our summer kickoff playlist! I listened to this on repeat yesterday and cannot get enough. It’s such a great mix of everything.


Going to start the Mother In Law this week based on lots of your recommendations. Don’t forget to check out my summer reading list! Especially if you need recommendations – the comments section is great. I’ll be chatting each week about what I’ve read/finished here on Summer Fridays like I did last year. What are YOU reading this weekend?


I could NOT be more excited because in a few days, we’re taking my mom to Nantucket for her birthday. !!!!! It’s a full blown girls trip. You probably know this since I’ve never shut up about it, but I’ve wanted to go back ever since Eddie and I went in 2013. We have reservations at Galley Beach and I’m dying for a lobster roll at Cru (because even after 6 years and our lobster roll tour of Maine, it remains the best one I’ve ever had!), but if you’ve been recently… what should we do? Lacy and I are going to get bikes and bike all over the island too.


Okay guys, this past week I bought my first pair of white jeans in… forever. Like since before Max was born. I’ve been raving about the Good American jeans I got a few months ago, so after looking at reviews, I grabbed these white jeans. Again, if you’re super short, these are high waisted and the perfect length! Now… am I brave enough to wear them?


All the doughnuts. You know it’s national donut day, right?! I have enough to make you giddy, but if I had to choose a fave, I think I’d go with these salted dark chocolate donuts at the moment.


On book #3! I haven’t shot any photos yet, and I’m trying to streamline how I do that this time around so it’s not, like, three straight months of book photos. Would you guys be interested in more behind the book posts?


To be better about my night time routine! I have my morning routine down to a science right now. Six days a week, I jump on the Peloton almost right after I get up (still in love with it) and it’s been life changing for my morning routine and days in general. At night though, I still get sucked into looking at my phone, and then I read for a awhile, even I have my morning things set out and ready to go by 7PM. It’s like I can’t get away from doing that because they are some of the only moments of the day where I feel like I can do “nothing,” you know?! I realize this is probably just a stage-of-life thing and it will gradually get better. But I’d love to heard your night time routines below!

summer fridays on howsweeteats

Enjoy the loveliest Summer Friday!