summer fridays

It’s the first official day of summer AND a Friday! Things can’t get better than this.


All the summer feels! And like this is the first real weekend of summer for us, which is funny because it technically IS the first day of summer! I know. We haven’t had a full summer weekend as a family yet and I’m so excited to sit on the patio, sip some rosé, grill a ton of food and just enjoy the weekend. We have had TONS of rain this month and not one pool day.


Last weekend I made my root beer BBQ ribs and if you haven’t made them before… oh my you are missing out. Make them with a side of crispy smashed potatoes, parmesan roasted broccoli and this summer panzanella and you will be set.


On all the aperol spritzes because I am so hooked. I made a winter version here, but the go-to classic recipe I make is this one. I’m also loving this spicy watermelon sangria. Also, still going through bottles of rosé over here. My go-to rosé guide for 2019 left us fully stocked up and prepared for every occasion this month.


A batch of lavender mint lemonade to have for the weekend! Oh my gosh, I love this stuff. Also, for Sunday dinner this week: gorgonzola crusted steak salad. It’s excellent.


This roasted strawberry milkshake with pistachio brittle. YES.


My skinnytaste air fryer! I wrote about it earlier this week, but I cannot get over how much we are LOVING the air fryer. I almost bought my brother and his fiance one as an engagement gift, but I went with the Instant Pot instead. They love that, but now I’m kicking myself that I didn’t get them an air fryer. You know how much I love crunchy roasted vegetables? WELL. They are the bomb in the air fryer. And so quick to make!


Summer of 69 by Elin! I only started it Wednesday night so I’m not very far into it. Last week I finished Mrs. Everything and I absolutely LOVED it. Jennifer Weiner’s writing was incredible. I was hooked instantly and while I did not find the story to be light whatsoever (it made me emotional many, many times), I couldn’t put it down. And it really is just the story of two sisters’ lives. I loved it so much and would love to hear your thoughts on it too. I can’t wait for my mom to read it since it’s based on women her age. What are you reading right now?


Out our summer bucket list, even though it’s a little late. I love some of the ones I’ve seen on instagram that are illustrated, and I want Max to pick things that he can’t wait to do. We kicked things off with strawberry picking last weekend and I have a few other things on our list. I’d love to hear your top three! For me, it would be making sure we eat dinner outside at least once a week, heading to a local winery and do a movie night outside with lots of amazing snacks.


To this flashback friday playlist on repeat! Love it.


In this sun visor. I am crazy about sun protection and Lacy got this hat first… then I followed suit. It covers up your entire face and it’s comfortable too. It’s a must have for any time I’m out in the sun, walking and I don’t care what I look like in it. And speaking of, if I’m exercising/sweating outside, the Lululemon visor is what I’ve been using. It’s awesome! I love how it adjusts.


I bought this dress to wear in Nantucket (if you can’t wear Lilly in Nantucket, where CAN you wear Lilly?) and I absolutely love it. And I am dying for this floral maxi dress! Also, for all my Wildfox sweatshirt obsessed friends… I am loving this flag one. I have such a love/hate relationship with those because you can only get one wear out of them in public and then they look like trash, but they are literally the most comfortable sweatshirt in the universe. I wear them as pajamas!


A wedding! Not for me, of course. But if you follow me on Instagram, then you know that Lacy got engaged a few weeks ago! And you guys always have the best recommendations, so if you have any local Pittsburgh recs for hair, makeup, photography and florals, leave them alllll below.

summer fridays

Can’t I just live in that hydrangea?