summer fridays

This is the summer friday of all summer fridays! Whether you’re in your normal routine or celebrating with a long weekend, let me know about your plans below. xo


It’s time! Corn is here so how can I pass up my BLT chopped salad with corn, feta and avocado? It’s one of the most popular recipes on the blog! I’m also contemplating these grilled watermelon caprese salads. And obviously, crispy zucchini grilled cheese (oh hi, I’m dead).  My summer BBQ quinoa salad is also a winner.


Frosty coconut mojitos, anyone? Also, if you’re in this downward (upward?) peach spiral that I am, then you should make a peach gin and tonic this weekend!


For the 4th yesterday, I made my ricotta jam jar along with some watermelon cubes topped with feta. Today, I’m making my caprese pasta salad for the weekend. What’s on your menu?


It’s not technically baking, but I highly suggest you make a double batch of red, white and blue party mix. It’s completely addictive. And if you’re in the mood to bake… hello little peach hand pies!


I had my first weak reading week of the summer and just ended up starting City of Girls! Hopefully I’ll get through it this week and then I’m thinking about moving on to The Friend Zone. What are you reading this week? You can find my whole summer reading list right here.


To our homemade yacht rock playlist! If you have sirius XM, then you’re probably familiar with their yacht rock station. I like ours even better.


So I don’t know if I’ll ever be into the whole capsule wardrobe idea, but I basically have made my own workout capsule wardrobe. Lacy and I were talking about how these days we tend to gravitate towards black workout wear, even though we both love bright colors. My staples are lululemon align crops (ummm I probably have 20 pairs of the crops and 7/8 leggings combined… #workfromhomeproblems – I’ve never found anything comparable and I’ve tried them all!) and this Target tank I mentioned a few weeks ago. I ALWAYS want to grab these two things, regardless of whatever else I have. You know how you always hang on to the socks or pajamas you never wear, and look for the one pair that you love? I’m trying to streamline that.


To take the kids to see Toy Story 4 this weekend! I’m braving it and attempting to take Emilia too. Have you seen it yet?


I won’t lie – I’m ridiculously excited for the Nordstrom anniversary sale. I hate even thinking about buying fall clothes in July but every single year there are a handful of things I get at the sale that I wear the entire year. Some of my favorite pieces ever. I usually don’t splurge on the designer items at the sale, but this year I’m considering some boots since they always have great prices on them. I ignore most recommendations on social media (or else I end up buying a bunch of stuff I won’t wear), look through the sale myself and then share a favorites post so you can see what I love. I’ll do it next week!


Back on the peloton! Guys, I don’t even want to write this out but I ended up sick again with a stomach bug for the last six days after the horrific sinus issues I had. WHAT!!! My Peloton app updated me that for June I only rode five days which was 23 days LESS than the previous month. Bah! I am finally back to feeling like myself and so happy to start up again. What a wacky six weeks that made me very grateful for my usual good health. P.S. If you want to follow me on the peloton app, my username is howsweeteats!


I’ve been checking on the progress of my 2019 goals since we’re (more than?!) half way through the year! I really want to stay organized and focused for the rest of the year so I feel great going into 2020. The second half of the year is always busier for us and this year, it’s more than true! Lacy is getting married (omg dying so excited), I have to finish up my next book (working on it, eeep!) along with regular work and life. It sounds so cliche to do, but I think it will really help. With two kids in the mix now with work, I have to be super organized. My plan is to map out the next six months, but remain flexible when it’s necessary. Whenever I’m told exactly what to do (even by my own self), I rebel.

summer fridays

Mojito time.