summer fridays I

It’s summer friday in July! You deserve ice cream for lunch.


I’m still on a big peach kick, so this marinated tomato peach salad is happening this weekend. I’ve also been keeping a batch of pesto on hand every week. My garden herbs are out of control, I think because we’ve got so much rain. So pistachio pesto pasta salad is a must. And I also want to make homemade blizzards this weekend! Oh and I can’t stop professing my love for these hot honey pretzel chicken fingers. TRY THEM. Puhlease.


Very into a homemade watermelon shandy right now. Also!! My friend Rachel recommended mixing your rosé with spindrift. Best idea ever. You can find my summer rosé guide here. All the rosés are listed by price!


The dough today for my caramelized onion grilled focaccia bread. You will die. This is the best bread ever. And I don’t normally care about bread. OMG.


This coconut zucchini chocolate chip bread. It’s an oldie but goodie and it’s accidentally vegan too.


To our feel good friday playlist! This might take over the summer playlist for me. Can’t get enough of the first two songs.


I’m still reading City of Girls and I am LOVING it. AH! Have you read it? I also just added Drawing Home to my list because I loved the author’s previous book. What are you reading right now?


The nordstrom sale! This is my favorite sale of the year even if we have to think about fall clothes in summer. I did a post on my favorites and you can see everything I bought or the things I already have and love. Spoiler alert: you won’t be shocked at all because lots of these things make my favorites lists every month.


Out 20 of our favorite dinners to make meal planning easier. Meal planning week to week is so different for me because I’m testing a billion recipes and I never want to waste food. You probably know my go-to “3 meal” meal planning rule (just wait until my next book – it’s going to have all my busy weeknight meal TIPS!) and I always like to make sure I have a plan for meals we love, without repeating them every week. Top three faves right now are smoky chicken pitas, smoked turkey sausage with peppers and summer skillet gnocchi.


Okay remember a few weeks ago when I showed you the amazing sun visor I bought? Well, I found another one. I love the original one I mentioned, especially for travel or even keeping in a tote bag because it rolls up so nicely. But this week I bought this Free People one too (in the light tan shade) and it’s awesome. It’s a lot more like a visor in that it just slips over your head. But if you’re obsessed with keeping your face out of the sun, you’ll love it. It’s also very flexible and pliable if that makes sense.


A new video for my salted dark chocolate chunk cookies! Scroll down in the post and you can find the video right above the recipe. We love these cookies, but the reviews are always split – some say they don’t work, others say they are their favorite cookie! Here’s a video so you can see exactly how I make them.

summer fridays I

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