Summer Fridays thrill me! I want every day to be iced lattes and croissants.


This weekend, it’s all about my favorite summer panzanella and these grilled veggie and halloumi skewers. Also a pot of my grilled corn and cheddar quinoa – a real oldie but goodie. May as well make a grilled corn avocado toast while I’m at it.


This rosé sangria AND this frozen watermelon agua fresca. Temps will be near 100 here!


My caramelized peach and lavender scones. They’re irresistible.


A batch of chewy oatmeal zucchini chocolate chip cookies. They’re so good.


All of my favorite dishes to summer cookouts. Here are my top 5 that are huge hits – if you’re looking for something to make + take somewhere. If you want a hot dip, my white pizza dip is insane. My summer crostini is always loved too. A batch of chipotle caramel chex mix works anytime of year and so does this crazy feta dip. For something lighter, do my marinated mozzarella melon salad! I live for alliteration.


Some meals that we can make while we’re ON vacation. We leave for vacation late next week and I’ve been trying to come up with some dishes that we can make while we are there. We usually eat out most days on vacay with a few homemade meals here and there, but now that our vacation will include 4 kids under 4 (well, and really 3 kids under 2!), we want to be more strategic in planning meals. Right now, I’m looking at making some pulled pork for easy sandwiches or nachos. Also a double batch of our favorite ground beef for tacos (and nachos… again? haha!) Any suggestions for favorite meals you like to make on family vacations? I don’t want to be a slave to the kitchen while I’m there.


Watching the kids play on this sprinkler splash pad. Last weekend my sister-in-law had it out for my niece’s birthday party and the kids LOVED it. I ordered it as soon as we got home and it came Monday. They’ve been playing in it all week. It’s especially great for Emilia as she loves the water and can sit in the center and splash.


Officially started Drawing Home last night!


To my newest summer kitchen playlist! Last year this one was such a hit that we did a volume 2. It’s different from the first, but good.


On a weekly reset. I stumbled upon this youtube channel (sometimes my youtube recommendations are spot on) and I LOVE her. It is so, so good. I really like her idea of a weekly reset and even though she is in a completely different stage of life than I am, I have def taken some ideas from the videos and implemented them.


Today my mom and I are going to Nordstrom to see more of the sale in person. If you missed it last week, I did a post on all my favorites and today it opens to everyone. The top 5 things I’m loving that I ordered? These black jeans, this leopard trench coat, this crossbody bag, this dress (the colors are incredible!) and these boots. I love the boots SO much more than I thought I would. I like them more than the Stuart Weitzman version and they are waterproof.


Okay so after I said on Tuesday that I didn’t get the robot vacuum on prime day, so many of you responded with how much you love it. I ended up ordering it last minute that night along with this phone stand. How did I live so long without this stand?


A new video is up today! A video of my slow roasted tomato farro salad (which is SO good) is live over on the recipe post. Scroll down to the actual recipe and you can see how I make it.


This dress on repeat. It’s so soft, so comfortable and easy. I’ve been living in it.

Want to dive right in there!