summer fridays

Really trying to enjoy these last few weeks of hot hot summer!


If you’ve been following me on instagram, you know that I make this green bean salad at least once a week. I’m also very into my greek orzo salad at the moment. And toasted gnocchi with herb brown butter for dinner. If you need a great weekend snack, these salted honey lavender nuts are incredible. P.S. pistachio peach crumble for dessert.


I found the most incredible figs last week so I’m all about my brown sugar fig bubbly. So good.


I am still living for peaches. I highly suggest these grilled peaches with lavender honey ricotta for the weekend.


I go in and out of english muffin obsessions, and right now I’m in one. So I’m really craving these blue cheese stuffed portobello burgers (on english muffin buns!). Also, my life was forever changed when I was sent a package of wolferman’s sourdough english muffins. They are incredible. Since I can only order them online, the next best option is the vermont bread company ones I can find the grocery store.


This doesn’t count as baking, but this week I made a batch of rice krispie treats (just classic ones!) and they were SO good. Super vanilla-y and marshmallow-y and tasting of nostalgia. If you need a baked treat this weekend though… I’d say go with my almond butter roasted banana bread.


We made a new workout playlist this week! And here’s last year’s workout playlist if you need double motivation.


I’ve been waiting all week to read Things You Save in a Fire. Actually, I feel like I’ve been waiting all summer! Can’t wait to start this one.


You guys. I’ve said it a million times but I could NOT be more excited that flare jeans are back in style. I mean, this is making my life. On vacation a few weeks ago my SIL was telling me about J Crew’s options and I love these ones. However, I’m so short that those just don’t work. I bought a pair of good american ones last month but I’m looooving these too.


This week I was shocked to get a 20% off coupon in the mail from Sephora! Eeeep! It starts on Monday and I definitely will put that to good use. I need another Lala Retro Cream (I think they changed the formula? So I’m interested in that.), Good Genes and I want to try this tinted moisturizer skin perfecter!


Very excited about the Target 20 for their anniversary! I’m sure I won’t get anything because I don’t feel like stalking their website the minute it launches, but I think it’s a super fun idea.


Out the rest of the year! Yes, I have nearly every single thing (recipe, shoot, etc) planned out for the rest of the year, with room for things that will pop up. In 2017 before I had Emilia, I worked super far ahead and LOVED it so I could take off November and December when she was born. I’m obviously not doing that this year, but I mostly know what’s happening/what I have to do for work until 2020 comes. I don’t LOVE planning things out this way, but find that since having kids and especially with Max in school, it works best for me. It eliminates a layer of stress. And I don’t worry over things changing (they definitely will!) – this just gives me a guide.


A new video for my pizza supreme on cauliflower crust! This recipe is INCREDIBLE. Here’s a video of exactly how I make it!

summer fridays

Get into lots of fun this weekend!