summer fridays

Hello summer Friday! Time to eat all the ice cream.


I’m very much craving these thai drunken zucchini noodles! I also really want to make my fig and gorgonzola stuffed pork tenderloin. However! This weekend, my goal is to use up everything I can in our fridge. Next week I am going to photograph 30 recipes for my next book and 1. I need the fridge space and 2. we’re going to have a ton of food! I already bought a bunch of extra containers and stasher bags to send food home with everyone next week.


Watermelon grapefruit palomas. They are such an amazing summer treat! Also… maybe a strawberry pimm’s cup by the pool?


At least one or two of these: here are 25 of my favorite easy weeknight dinners for back-to-school.


A batch of whole wheat zucchini banana muffins. DELISH.


These veggie and halloumi skewers with pistachio pesto. Live for these.


On chili lime watermelon this weekend. While it’s still sweet and perfect!


I saw my friend Rachel mention Red White and Royal Blue and for some reason I instantly felt like I MUST READ THIS! So I think that is what I’m going to start tonight. What are you reading?!


To this morning coffee playlist. Kind of like lovely morning meditation.


I fell in love with this hot pink sweatshirt at gap last week and I love it! Too hot to wear it outside right now, but I’ve been living in it inside.


This story has had me in tears all week. It’s a local-to-me high school and you have to watch the video. The band is actually outside of his house and it was orchestrated in less than 24 hours. Heart warming!


I posted a mini sephora haul photo on my instagram this past week for the summer sale. I most stocked up on my go-to skincare faves, but I did grab the new laura mercier illuminating tinted moisturizer, the cica repair gel (I’ve had the cream and love it) and this marc jacobs lip gloss in To The Moon. I’m also tempted to try more from the skinfix line – I have the eye cream and loooove it.


A new video for my homemade spaghettios! If you haven’t made those yet, you MUST. They are so, so good.

summer fridays