Hey hey! It’s my most favorite post of the month!

august beauty favorites

Yes, I’m sooo late this month but I have five things I have been LOVING. And I gotta tell you about them!

What I’ve loved in August:

Dr Jart Cicapair Calming Gel Cream. So – let’s just get it out there. This stuff is amazing! I have talked about the cream before (that is actually tinted green, but turns more nude as you rub it in) but grabbed this at the Sephora sale a few weeks ago. It makes the BEST primer! And I don’t even like to use primer. But this calms and evens my skin tone a lot, while also allowing makeup to go over it PERFECTLY. I don’t use it everyday because I don’t put on makeup everyday, but I use it a few times a week under a full face of makeup. And I love it.

First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser. My all-time favorite scrub for arms and legs is derma doctor KP duty, unless I make my own. But I saw this and freaked over it being in a tube, which would make it mostly mess free in the shower. I really like it. The exfoliating grit is just awesome – it has fine granules but they really work. I obviously only use it on my body, but it definitely helps any bumps!

Laura Mercier Tinted Illuminating Skin Perfector. I still use and love complexion rescue and dr jart premier bb balm, but I tried this on my hand in Sephora in couldn’t resist. It’s awesome on by itself, though it is shimmery. But it’s great mixed with the two I mentioned above, or foundation. It’s super pretty and gives you the best glow. The coverage is in the middle – it has more than complexion rescue, but less than the bb balm. Good for every day if you’re like me and like illumination!

Marc Jacobs Stardust Gloss in To The Moon. This has been to go-to allllll month long! OMG, it is gorgeous over lipstick. Or by itself. It’s just the right amount of holographic shimmer if you love that stuff but feel you’re getting a leeeeeettle too old for it. Read: me.

Sundays nail polish. I’ve mentioned before that I’m obsessed with Molly Sims’ youtube channel. She talked about this nail polish and I saw two colors catch my eye. The #7 and #27 are awesome neutrals (one replaces a maybelline shade I loved forever but was discontinued!) and I love these for fall! Even more than darker shades right now. I find these to be so flattering.

august beauty favorites

So what were you loving in this last month of summer? And what do you have your eye on? I’m reeeeally into matte eye shadow palettes at the moment. I want to find a good one for fall!

[as usual, none of this is sponsored and all of these products were purchased by me. i am not affiliated with any of the companies above, nor do i accept free products. just love to talk about what i like, makeup junkie to makeup junkie. there are some amazon and general reward style affiliate links above. thank you for being here!]