I’ve got the best menu for you as we gear up for the last week in February!

what to eat this week

This week is going to be so DELISH! Lots of hearty meatless meals with a few other favorites mixed in.

what to eat this week

I’m keeping things meatless on Monday with my favorite brussels kale spaghetti. The pine nuts are so toasty and buttery. The dish comes together quickly and is so filling. Plus, hello green vegetables!

Next up, let’s make chicken parmesan soup. This is a soup that can come together in about 30 minutes. Use a rotisserie chicken to make it quickly. And if you want to take this for lunch or eat leftovers, cook and store the pasta separately. This is wonderful.

Wednesday, I’m going with this citrus salmon avocado salad. If you observe the beginning of lent and need a meatless option, this is great. And if not, this salad is one of my all-time favorite ways to eat salmon. This comes together super quickly if you cook your salmon ahead of time. It’s also a great salad for lunch! The lemon dressing is straight up drinkable.

I’ve been craving this cauliflower schnitzel, so I say GO FOR IT. It’s fabulous as a sandwich but if you want to skip the bread, you can serve it with the cauliflower mayo and a side dish you love, like maybe these parmesan pistachio kale chips.

On Friday, I suggest throwing it back with this bang bang shrimp!! Oooooh this is SO delicious. I love it with the cabbage slaw that accompanies it, but it never hurt to throw a few tortillas in the mix and make tacos.

What are you having for lunch?! I love make these thai turkey burgers and then chopping them up into salads or using them in wraps! And breakfast? Well I’m a little partial to these breakfast cookies right now.

what to eat this week

What’s on your menu this week?!