HELLO March!

what to eat this week

This week’s menu is full of some of my favorite comfort food!

what to eat this week

Starting with a favorite to kick the week off: crispy roasted chickpea pitas! This is a meal that can be entirely homemade, or you can buy the pitas and hummus to take a few shortcuts since it’s Monday. This is so satisfying and you can add in an array of veggies.

Taco Tuesday! It has been forever since I’ve made these slow cooker short rib tacos with salted lime cabbage. We absolutely love these! You can cook the short ribs all night or all day – and they will be ready to go for dinner.

Lemon chicken soup is such a huge favorite around here. It’s still chilly and cold so I’m adding it to the list!

Next up, we’re making this crispy rice salad. This is an often overlooked recipe that is phenomenal! The texture is great. It’s a meatless meal, but you can easily add in some shrimp or rotisserie chicken. You could also serve it with leftovers from the short ribs or chicken soup!

Friday, we’re going full force into fish fry season with this beer battered fish sandwich with kale coleslaw. It’s AMAZING. Take some time and make it for dinner because you.will.love.it. This is one of those meals that has to be made and eaten right away, but it’s definitely worth it.

For lunch, I’m thinking of doing a version of my hummus havarti veggie sandwiches. I might do some roasted veggies instead so this can be prepped ahead of time. And for breakfast? Coconut overnight oats! We all need a little tropical vibe in our life right now.

what to eat this week

What are you eating this week?!