Another week in quarantine down!

what to eat this week

This week is going to be SO delicious. I’m so glad you’re getting inspiration and making delish meals and able to nourish yourself with these recipes.

Oh and if you’re celebrating, Happy Easter!

P.S. if you have awhile before your next grocery trip, don’t forget I have this list of 125+ pantry meals.

what to eat this week

Let’s kick things off with this cozy lemon pasta. I love this meal! It’s great on its own but you could also add some leftover chicken or shrimp or whatever you have to it. I love it with parmesan roasted broccoli of course!

Next, I’m throwing together my favorite cheeseburger chopped salad. This is SUCH a delicious meal – it has so much more flavor than you’d think!

Have you fired up the grill yet? We totally have! I’m thinking about this grilled caesar with buffalo chicken. You can basically use it as a clean-out-the-fridge meal too.

One of my fall-back meals is this cajun salmon with salted lime butter. Serve it with rice, pasta, a salad – whatever you’d like!

If you’re still doing soups, this sweet potato ginger soup gets rave reviews every time!

Finally, rounding out the week with mediterranean turkey burgers! You can use an assortment of toppings, spreads, or even crumble these on salads. They’re so good!

For lunch, I’m going with my egg salad, OF COURSE – we have a ton of dyed eggs. But you could also use them in this potato salad (instead of the soft boiled). And I love this roasted broccoli toast too!

And breakfast means coffee coconut shakes! HELLO.

what to eat this week

What’s on your menu this week?!