summer fridays

If you’re new to Summer Fridays, welcome! This is a series I’ve done the last few years every Friday… in the summer. I know, shocking! It’s a list of things I’m loving right now, food and drink ideas for your weekend, current reads, playlists and more. The whole summer Friday thing probably isn’t happening for many of you if you’re working from home these days, but I thought we could at least continue to enjoy a virtual summer Friday!

Summer Fridays are all about making summer weekends feel extra special and really enjoying this gorgeous season! Here’s what’s going on over here right now…


My strawberry burrata quinoa salad! It’s finally strawberry season and I am here for it.


Okay so since I’m losing it over strawberries right now, I’m going to make these strawberry margaritas this weekend for sure. I also LOVE this strawberry summer water if you’re looking for a spa water vibe or something refreshing. And if you need some rosé recommendations, here is my favorite rosé post from last year! Really missed doing one this year.


The ramen noodle crunch salad this weekend to go with some pulled pork. I mean I kind of want to put it on TOP of the pulled pork. It’s basically a slaw anyway/ How do we feel about that?


These strawberry cobbler bars. DO IT. They are absolutely wonderful. The original recipe for the blueberry peach version is in The Pretty Dish.


My ricotta jam jar served with sourdough crackers.


To the summer fridays 2020 kickoff playlist! We have a new playlist each week in summer fridays, and you can also look through the past ones on my spotify page. If you’re a lover of fiction like I am, then you HAVE to listen to rom com pods! It’s a new romance storytelling podcast and I’m obsessed. I also discover two podcasts this week that I am obsessed with: the food heaven podcast (loved episode #2!) and gee thanks, just bought it (she just had elin hilderbrand on!).


I’m almost finished with The Knockout Queen and up next on my list is Clap When You Land! What are you reading? You can find my full summer 2020 reading list here. If you haven’t joined our book club yet, go for it!


Our cookbook club for The Pretty Dish. The is a separate group that has been going strong for over two year now and we just started our summer challenge. If you have The Pretty Dish, make sure you go join!


This guide to all of my favorite kitchen essentials has been something you guys are loving. You’ve given me some great suggestions on products and I love that you’re finding things to help you in the kitchen.


Our summer bucket list! It looks different this year thanks to the pandemic, but I also think it’s going to be a great season since Emilia is finally a bit more independent. Already, our family has been having so much fun doing ice cream dates, eating dinner on the patio and spending the weekends outside. A few things I want us to do: mini golf, water balloons, make s’mores and make ice cream with the kids. What’s on your summer bucket list?!


I mean, my leggings + tank game has been even more out of control than usual since we haven’t been able to go anywhere in months. But since things are finally opening up, I have worn this z supply dress a few times. I LOVE THESE. This dress comes in so many colors and it’s just casual and cool. You can kind of dress it up or really dress it down. It’s the best for summer!


My mom’s birthday is this weekend! Lots of food and fun to come.

summer fridays