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Hey hey!

This week on the blog, I shared these refreshing avocado summer rolls with peanut sauce. I also shared these amazing baked pesto bucatini and super easy 2 ingredient frozen strawberry lemonade! And a new summer fridays post.

If you’re shopping the nordstrom anniversary sale, I shared all my favorites right here.

And of course, a new what to eat this week along with a new week in the life post!

I hope you have a lovely weekend! xo

What I’m loving this week:

This drunken peach jam looks amazing.

Frozen s’mores cookie bars. OMG!!!

Love this almond flour banana bread.

Garlic zucchini noodle pasta is divine.

Want to try this garden green minestrone!

Spicy peanut tofu noodle bowl. Holy comfort.

Really craving this watermelon salad.

Cheesy taco pasta sounds fabulous.

Ooooh look at this sesame ginger carrot salad.

Peach frosé! Yes please.

Such a pretty blueberry pie.

Verrrry intrigued by this cloud bread.

Double tomato corn pasta! Yum.

Ooooh want these baked cajun honey chicken fingers.

Cake batter cereal blondies! Oh my word.