Lots of my favorite meals on the menu this week!

what to eat this week

My mom’s famous chicken marsala, squash pasta, bubbly cheesy cauliflower and my favorite fall breakfast to name a few…

what to eat this week

To kick things off on meatless monday, make this cheesy cauliflower parmesan. It’s so hearty and comforting. I love serving it with my parmesan roasted broccoli, which I make at least once a week.

Sheet pan shrimp nachos for taco tuesday! I mean, do these even need an explanation? Everyone loves them!

My mom’s chicken marsala with almond green beans is incredible. You can serve this alone or with potatoes or rice!

Irish beef stew with herbed dumplings is a perfect meal for the chilly weather.

My butternut squash baked ziti is lovely. It’s satisfying enough to serve alone, but I still suggest pairing it with a house salad for some veg.

Finish off the week with this fuji apple chicken salad! If you make extra apple chips, they are great for snacking.

Pumpkin protein pancakes are on the menu for breakfast, and for lunches, I’m going to make a batch of my grilled vegetable orzo. It reheats so well!

what to eat this week

What’s on your menu this week?!