It was our first full week as a family of five!

Still totally blows my mind. I’ve never been so happy to have someone here three weeks early!

Post dinner patio ice cream cone dates.

He is obsessed with him.

Perfect little french braids.

I love putting my babies snuggled up with in my shirt.

Smoothie bowls saving me this week.

The best big bro.

Living on this too.

The sweetest.

On Friday, we had my brother’s wedding! Yes, the one I didn’t want to a.) be pregnant for and b.) be due near. Ha!

Cutest cousins.

These babes were just the best.

Other than that it’s been 24/7 snuggles with this guy.

The minute I set him on his back, he rolls to his side! It scares the crap out of me but the doctor said he must have been positioned this way in the womb. He’s such a snuggle bug.

Celebrated father’s day today with the best dad ever! I might have a heart attack when he goes back to work tomorrow.

The kids have been begging to paint for days.

So serious.

Played outside too!

I can’t handle them.

We made my root beer ribs and grilled potatoes and corn for dinner!

Plus shishito peppers… YES.

Now it’s back to snuggle city with this babe!