What a lovely July week!

This past Monday, Jordan turned ONE MONTH old! I mean, how?

Blueberry pancakes are Emilia’s favorite meal.

I take about 40 photos a day from this position. Just wait. You will see.

Aren’t my aunt’s hydrangeas incredible!

Swim lesson coloring break.

Post swim lesson crash on the couch.

Play mat party!

Marinating tomatoes for your BLT is a game changer.

BLAT, to be exact!

Perfect angel.

I got these steel cut oats from Panera one morning when we were on the go. They were pretty good.

Emilia got her first little haircut/trim!

Oh hi. Still here.

His eyes are dreamy.

Eddie asked me to make the s’mores bars because he didn’t get any on the 4th of july.

How gorgeous are these flowers from my SIL’s kitchen?!

My niece Evelyn turned four and Elsa showed up for the party.

Arts and crafts!

I adore these and will keep them forever.

Little angel babe.

Emilia got her first ring pop in the birthday treat bag. So cute.

I made grilled zucchini dip!

Grilled corn and smoked turkey sausage.

And my fresh green bean salad! THE BEST.

Baby toes for dinner!

Actually, church festival funnel cake for dinner.

Cutest cousins! Baby Cooper is a dreamboat.

This girl is so much fun.

And my boys to finish off the week! Def feeling like the luckiest.