summer fridays

Hello summer friday! Here’s what the weekend looks like.


An oldie but goodie: my brown butter garden vegetable pasta skillet. And this summer BBQ quinoa salad!


Lemonade frosé for the win! Also craving a gigantic margarita.


My strawberry crunch salad while we still have some summer berries. Oh and this lavender vanilla latte ice cream for the weekend. Can’t be beat!


These chocolate zucchini cupcakes with avocado fudge frosting. They have vegetables in them!


My caramelized onion grilled focaccia. Oh my word is it heavenly. I want to make it with my grilled spatchcock chicken this weekend.


Salted pretzel s’mores crunch bars. Anything s’mores, really.


To this summer girls trip playlist from a few years ago. Oh my gosh, this is so good!


I’m feeling a little thriller-ish so I’m thinking about starting Such A Quiet Place. Here’s my summer reading list if you’re looking for something good this weekend!


Last year I LOVED the freedom moses slides and this year is no different. I’ve never cared for birkenstocks but love these for some reason. They are the perfect outdoor shoes especially when it comes to watering plants and hanging out with the kids. I wear mine nonstop.


A few things left that I want to pick up at the Nordstrom sale! Definitely have my eye on this blanket, this bag and I’m soooo tempted to get an allsaints leather jacket. Not sure if I will go for it. You can find all of my favorites here.


What’s your child’s spiritual age (and yours!)? I love this. Even though I think I will forever feel 17ish, I’ve always felt like my spiritual age is, like, 55. Ha!


Um hi, if you want to be insane like me, you could get these adorable pumpkin pillows that sold out instantly last year (I tried to get them last august and they never came back in stock!). As much as I’m not ready for fall AT ALL, I’m making a little exception here for my fall fanatic self.


For our michigan vacation soon! I’m a packing nut and work off of lists and basically have everything almost ready to go. But this year it feels like we have to take ten million things because of the baby! My go-to packing bag for basically, well, everywhere is my large mz wallace tote. It fits ALL THE THINGS. I also love the dagne dover totes because they are neoprene and they last forever. I’ve had both of those for ages. A few things I’m taking for the baby that are game changers too: the guava travel crib with the bassinet attachment, the fisher price on the go baby dome and the baby bjorn bouncer (have used it since max & love it!). Should I do a (roadtrip) travel essentials post?!

summer fridays