summer fridays

Hello, perfect summer friday!


My sun dried tomato corn chowder with crispy goat cheese croutons. It’s divine.


Spicy watermelon sangria and cajun peach lemonade.


We had my favorite summer rotisserie chicken salad for the 4th of July and my love was reignited. This salad is SO GOOD.


Strawberry basil focaccia. And caramelized peach lavender scones.


My grilled vegetable and halloumi skewers. And my smoky chicken greek pitas!


My no churn coffee oreo ice cream! I still haven’t made a batch and need to. Maybe on sunday?!


Just started The Bodyguard last night! I realize that’s annoying because it’s not out yet, but I got it in my book of the month club for July which is one of my favorite things ever. It’s also a great gift! You can join with my link right here.


This is a very fun weekend for us so I’m linking two of my favorites: our wedding weekend playlist and this amazing wedding shower party playlist that we’ve listened to constantly since 2016.


TIBAL on instagram has started her Clear The List campaign that is INCREDIBLE. It’s a way to support teachers and what they need for the school year. The list is absolutely huge but you can search buy town/city to find someone local to you. Use COMMAND F to search the document (seriously, it is large) for your local teachers. Of course, you can always choose any list and also just a few items are helpful. I cleared two last night and plan on doing more this weekend!


I love Sharon Says So so much and while her IG is great in general, she also has a podcast that is wonderful. She has a new series called Momentum and it’s about how everyday small events, ordinary people and the like created momentum to make a huge change with the Civil Rights movement. You want to listen to them in order – they are SO good.


Hello this is very uncool and makes me extremely old and I’ve talked about them a million times but if you’d really like to know what I’m wearing 24/7 right now, it’s the oofas flip flops which are fabulous to cook in. Or do anything for any amount of time while on your feet.


I shared my favorites for the Nordstrom anniversary sale right here. I have a love/hate relationship with the sale because it’s so much of the same thing every year. But because of that, many of my longtime favorites are included so I give you in depth reviews in the post. ALSO! This is the huge. The Aura digital frame that I’ve bought for five gifts recently is in the sale. This is truly the best gift ever.


Some new videos on IG! My fresh green been salad, pickled blueberry burrata, frozen watermelon mojitos, summer salmon tacos and summer couscous salad.


To Columbus, OH this weekend for a verrrry special reason…


My cousin is getting married and it’s going to be so fun! We could not be more excited. It’s going to be wonderful.