summer fridays

Here’s all the fun summer friday things!


My hot bacon caprese salad. Wait all year for this! Along with my summer rotisserie chicken salad because they both use the same dressing.


My brown sugar fig bubbly! I love this so much once figs are in season. Also: palomas with salty chili sugar.


A batch of summer pesto mini meatball soup. We all love this so much.


All the zucchini things! My zucchini bread, chocolate zucchini cake and cupcakes.


My smoky grilled chicken nachos. And the best grilled vegetables ever.


This cheesy stuffed pesto garlic bread.


This coastal grandmother playlist. Kinda reminds me of my summer kitchen one!


When We Were Bright and Beautiful – just got this in my book of the month! Here’s my link if you want to join. I love it so much.


I have always loved a platform shoe because I’m so short. But the platforms out this last year or so are not something I thought I’d ever consider – they are soooo high. I am obsessed with the blue hill house platforms but can only envision wearing them under flare jeans and they’re so pricey. I’m tempted by the schutz version but also convinced I will fall on my face since 2020 removed high shoes out of my life for so long! I do love the platform trend though.


The best thing I bought last holiday season was the bonne maman advent calendar. We all loved this SO MUCH. They just released it again and it always sells out early in the season. Saveur talks about it here.


A few new videos! Baked peaches & cream oatmeal cups, grilled chicken avocado orzo and the best chilled queso. Have you made any of them?!


I love the new podcast series Sharon Says So launched all about first ladies. It’s so interesting. If you didn’t listen to her Momentum series, you must!


For back to school! We still have two weeks left but we’ve got school supplies and I have a handle on everything we need for our routine. We’ve used the yum boxes for years and Max loves them – we’ve tried many variations of lunch boxes and these are my fave. I put them in the dishwasher and they are fine. I also get these awesome ice packs for them which we use for just about everything.

summer fridays