These are 16 of my favorite meals to prep ahead for the week – dishes that hold up well day after day! Soups, pastas, grain bowls and salads, these are my favorite things to eat for lunch or make ahead for busy weeknights!

Let’s make dinner super easy during the crazy fall season!

fall meal prep meals

With a bunch of meals that I adore – ones that still taste fantastic a few days after making them.

I am allll about the easy meals I can prep ahead of time to make sure we have something to delicious to eat on busy nights – or at least eat for lunches. While we can easily fall back on our go-to of something like a grain, grilled chicken or salmon and roasted vegetables, these ones below are more complete dishes that add variety and some excitement to our prepped meals.

That is KEY! I don’t want to eat something boring or something that doesn’t sound good – and I hate any sort of meal prep to go to waste.

Below you’ll find a few of my favorite bowls, soups, pastas and even two kale salads that hold up well for about three days! What are your favorite fall meals to make ahead for the week?

16 Fall Meal Prep Meals For Next Week

This one pot fall orzo gets better as it sits – it’s incredible. You can also add any veggies that you love!

Sweet potato chowder! Another one that gets better the longer it sits. It’s so super good.

And sweet potato corn chowder! I love both of these because there is no pasta, so the noodles don’t absorb the broth.

This brussels sprouts farro bowl is excellent warm or cold. You can reheat it for lunch and drizzle on more dressing!

Same with this butternut couscous bowl! It’s better as it sits. Delicious cold or warm.

Weeknight maple turkey chili is everyone’s favorite!

This pumpkin turkey chili is also incredible. So perfect for fall.

One pot chili cheese pasta is cozy, comforting and tastes like childhood.

Butternut white chicken chili is also super hearty and delicious.

Smoked sausage and kale skillet gnocchi is deeeelish.

This smoky sweet potato kale salad is one that holds up so well for a few days in the fridge. Store the ingredients separately and the only thing you’d need to warm is the dressing.

Spaghetti squash meatball bake is so satisfying!

This honeycrisp kale salad is another one that lasts great in the fridge for a few days. Toss everything together and the apples stay preserved with the dressing. I get a good two to three days from kale salads in the fridge – it’s hearty enough to not wilt.

Another warm farro salad with cranberry cinnamon vinaigrette – it’s super flavorful.

Okay crunchy broccoli slaw is not a whole meal, but it holds up GREAT in the fridge and is an excellent side or snack to prep!

Butternut squash soup with curried brown butter is a flavor explosion. Delish.

Annnd finally – my fire roasted minestrone with kale pesto. The pasta will soak up some of the broth as it sits – and it becomes very hearty – but you can also store the pasta together separately and add it to the bowl when you eat.