I need answers.

Do you fall asleep with the TV on? Are you married? Single? Living in sin?

See, I’m conducting comprehensive research for a study I’m beginning. If you want to become part of How High Is The Divorce Rate Between Couples Who Fall Asleep With the Television On, keep reading.


It seems that in the last four weeks, Mr. How Sweet has aged light years. I mean, he’s always been old, but now he’s really old. He is no longer finding it appropriate for me to watch my mindless trash after 10pm while I lay in our fluffy bed. He wants to fall asleep in silence and darkness. Ummm… hello? When else am I supposed to see Kim Kardashian get cellulite lasered off her rear or salivate over a pork cupcake on Cupcake Wars? Please enlighten me.

He also watches the news. Only the news. Except for the 43 hours he spent re-watching the Royal Wedding this weekend. And that’s probably only because he went to grade school with the Queen. He is enjoying cutting the grass. Like, three times a week. I assume this is satisfying since it gets him out of the house and away from my nagging, but I can’t be sure. Next thing I know he will be reading newspapers instead of the internet and trimming his nose hairs over the sink.


But back to this whole TV thing. I’ve tried the argument that I’m a tortured writer. I use the word “writer” loosely, since anything lengthy of mine worth reading requires me to make a strong commitment to five glasses of wine. I’m afraid of the dark. Sometimes I think I’m haunted. I get spooked by shadows. I fall into mini depressions when I finish reading a good book. Me = tortured.

Yeah, so that hasn’t worked so well. He doesn’t care how tortured I am. He thinks that his sleep carries more value over my mind-numbing relaxation techniques. Fair? No.


So instead of counting sheep while I lay in the dark frightened out of my skin, I’m counting food. It dawned on me two weeks ago that I am inconceivably, foolishly, passionately in love with food. The way it smells, tastes, feels and looks… I adore it. This probably isn’t late breaking news since I’ve been tormenting you with post after post for 17 months, but it was news to me. An epiphany. An enlightenment. A revelation.

I lie in bed and choose an ingredient and think of every combination possible. Blueberries. How many dishes can I make from blueberries? Pancakes. Muffins. Cookies. Pasta? Maybe. Salad? Yuck. Scones. Ice cream. Sandwiches? Possibly. Crisp? Definitely. Would blueberries taste good with steak? What about pork? How about rice? Quinoa? Now I’m hungry. I wish I had blueberry pie in the fridge. I need to get on the treadmill. For the rest of my life.

I birthed this blueberry crisp from my new nighttime habit. Weird, I know. I’m also in love with my blueberry balsamic vinegar, so I suggest you get some and drink it with a straw. It is that good. The regular stuff will work too, but blueberry is the cat’s meow. And I don’t even like cats.

Balsamic Blueberry Crisp

serves 2-4

2 cups of blueberries

3 tablespoons of sugar

1/2 tablespoon flour

1/8 teaspoon salt

2/3 cup oats

2/3 cup loosely packed brown sugar

1/4 cup flour

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

1/2 stick softened butter

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/2 cup + 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar

1-2 tablespoons coarse sugar for crunch

vanilla ice cream

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.

In a bowl, mix blueberries with sugar, 1/2 tablespoon of flour and salt. Spray a baking dish with non-stick spray and add blueberries. I used a 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 baking dish because I wanted a thick blueberry layer, but an 8 x would work fine too. Once the blueberries are added, toss them with 1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar. The blueberry flavor works the best but original should be fine too.

In a bowl, combine oats, brown sugar, flour and cinnamon. Add softened butter and vanilla, and mix thoroughly with a fork and your hands until it becomes clumped together. Layer crumble mixture on top of blueberries and sprinkle coarse sugar on top. Bake for 25-30 minutes.

While crisp is baking, add vinegar to a small saucepan and heat over lo heat until it reduces by half – about 5-6 minutes. Set aside to cool, the mixture should thicken at this time. When blueberry crisp is finished, serve with vanilla ice cream and drizzle balsamic reduction on top.

I also suggest you use a larger plate, or even perhaps this thing I’ve never heard of – a bowl – for your crisp. Someone has a bit of laundry to do. Blueberry stains, what?

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171 Responses to “Balsamic Blueberry Crisp.”

  1. #
    Jessie Lynn — May 2, 2011 @ 11:57 pm

    LOL you crack me up!! I swear we are married to the same 83 yr old man. My husband also complains that I stay up to late watching the “Kardashi’O’s (he’s apparently lost his ability to sound things out correctly). I now sit here…12:00 AM..while he’s snoring away (probably dreaming of mowing or wittling wood ducks and smoking corn cob pipes)…while I make my 5 page list of things to cook this week…now I have to add blueberry balsamic crisp..thank you ;0)


  2. #
    Jolene (www.everydayfoodie.ca) — May 3, 2011 @ 12:14 am

    I will DEFINITELY be making this!!! It will be perfect for a dinner party!


  3. #
    Joanna Sutter (Fitness & Spice) — May 3, 2011 @ 6:35 am

    Blueberry balsamic vinegar? WHO KNEW!?


  4. #
    Danielle — May 3, 2011 @ 7:04 am

    I didn’t start watching tv to go to bed until I got divorced. I also watch the news, but it’s balanced out with mindless shows like Family Guy, Two and a Half Men and King of Queens. (I’m a girl stuck in the 80’s)

    You’re awesome…TOTALLY AWESOME.

    I need to get some blueberry balsamic vinegar. I love all things blueberry….and lemon. I’m a food junkie. I am going to try that crisp this weekend for mothers day.

    Laundry can wait another day. :) Give the spray and wash time to soak in. :)


    • Samantha — December 20th, 2011 @ 6:48 am

      You would probably get happier sleep if you didn’t watch sexist bullshit. Why do women keep supporting this crap? Stop being part of the problem.


      • Carolyn — August 18th, 2013 @ 1:43 pm

        no one asked you

  5. #
    Stephanie — May 3, 2011 @ 7:11 am

    I’m tortured too! I think anyone with a foodblog is tortured!!

    Blueberries are great with lamb… check this one out

    worth a try!!!!


  6. #
    Kathy — May 3, 2011 @ 8:24 am

    THE TV HAS TO STAY ON! Fortunately, my husband and I have been this way…ummmmm…forever. It is the only way I can drown out the mind numbing dumbness that creeps into brain only at night. Did I do this? I forgot to do that? Someone said this? I should have said that? What people are my children going to turn into? Where are they going to college? Who are they going to marry? What will my grandchildren’s names be? You see where I am going with this. Anywho, by listening to the tv as I/we fall asleep it washes away all those thoughts that I could not get out of my brain any other way.

    As far as the blueberries are concerned, they’re on the menu for tonight. Thanks!


  7. #
    Kim — May 3, 2011 @ 8:57 am

    Wow, that looks and sounds fabulous. I love blueberries. I will have to try and find some blueberry balsamic. It might be tough though as I live in the sticks far from what any normal person would consider a well stocked store. I will do my best to hunt it down. I love your writing; I can always count on at least a giggle if not a full blown laugh that makes my husband’s eyebrows rise. Thank you for your humour and I love the pictures of your food. Have a wonderful day and if you have any warm weather please send it our way as I am still waiting for Spring. Take care.



    • Jessica — May 3rd, 2011 @ 9:08 am

      Thank you so much Kim!


  8. #
    Sheila — May 3, 2011 @ 9:49 am

    Happy Birthday to Jessica’s grandpa!!!!!


  9. #
    Jaan — May 3, 2011 @ 9:54 am

    Well, you have done it now. My selfcontrol is GONE! First you show the Sweet foto of your Grandfather eating Chocolate ice cream….my fav! AND NOW, this Balsamic Blueberry crisp….OH LA….save me. Going to go for it anyway, and send to my family as they love blueberries also. THANKS!


  10. #
    Miranda @ Living One Bite at a Time — May 3, 2011 @ 2:37 pm

    Umm can I tell you how much I love you?? Ha ha. Your recipes are always awesome. Every time I see a recipe I like in my Google Reader I go back to see who it is (because sometimes I just skim through) and I’m like “Oh, yup… Her again! This is going to be good.”

    Also, your writing is amazing. I can only hope that one out of every thirty of my blog posts sound even half as eloquent as this one. I’m officially jealous of your talent ;) I long to study under your magnificent tutelage, heehee.


  11. #
    Linn — May 3, 2011 @ 4:39 pm

    Oh my god! That looked like heaven, only with ice cream as clouds :D


  12. #
    Sam — May 3, 2011 @ 5:29 pm

    My husband and I always sleep with the TV on! I hate the darkness and silence. I only don’t sleep with the TV on when I nap during the day because it’s too distracting. We’ve been dating for 5 years and always had the tv on. I guess we were just meant to be because we’re both crazy like that


  13. #
    Gourmantine — May 3, 2011 @ 6:27 pm

    The dessert looks sensational! I love balsamic vinegar so much that I’m quite positive I open a new one every few weeks! While we have plenty of raspberry, fig and even hazelnut balsamic but blueberry one is something never heard of! Thanks for sharing, your post are amusing to read :)


  14. #
    sweet road — May 4, 2011 @ 12:16 pm

    Anything with blueberries and a gooey texture immediately catches my eye! I’ll have to look for that blueberry balsamic vinegar, it sounds delicious!


  15. #
    bridget {bake at 350} — May 4, 2011 @ 2:53 pm

    That looks AH-mazing!


  16. #
    Rea — May 5, 2011 @ 1:26 am

    I make these amazing blueberry porkchops (can also use tenderloin) that are honestly to die for.


  17. #
    Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction — May 5, 2011 @ 8:22 pm

    Oh, this looks simply divine, Jess! Love it!


  18. #
    Sarah — May 7, 2011 @ 11:35 pm

    I LOVE Fustini’s Oils and Vinegars! We are only a few hours from their shop in Petoskey, mi and every time we take a weekend away up there, I stock up! I love the coconut vinegar! (One of the girls who works there told me to saute shrimp and then as soon as they are cooked toss with coconut vinegar and toasted coconut. . voila, a healthier version of coconut shrimp! So delicious!) But they are all good! A few of my favorites include; pineapple white balsamic, roasted pumpkin seed oil, walnut oil, cilantro and onion oil, grapefruit white balsamic and Cinnamon and Pear balsamic. Really they are all wonderful. . .have yet to try one I didn’t like!


  19. #
    Ginger&Rice — May 8, 2011 @ 10:06 pm



  20. #
    Jaqie — May 18, 2011 @ 8:57 am

    I’ve been wanting to try this out so I went to go pick some blueberries last week..but then I ended up just eating em all so I went back to pick some more yesterday(got 6lbs,lol hopefully its enough) and made this delicious dessert! I realized I didnt have enough balsamic vinegar to make the sauce but it was still amazingly good!! I took a pic, its part of my photo project :D http://365project.org/jsbp/365/2011-05-17


    • Jessica — May 18th, 2011 @ 9:00 am

      Great pic, glad you liked it!


  21. #
    Joy — March 10, 2012 @ 11:16 am

    I’m only just now discovering your amazing blog, and I’m hooked. In fact I’m making both this crisp and your toasted sesame ginger glazed salmon for a dinner party tonight! Like other readers, I didn’t have blueberry balsamic vinegar, but I did have a half-cup of frozen blueberries that I’ve been looking to use creatively. Over night I let the blueberries stand on my counter in 1/2 c of balsamic vinegar. This morning I put everything through a strainer and smooshed the blueberries to get all the blueberry yumminess out. It made ~3/4 c homemade blueberry vinegar. I’ll check back in later with the final results, but I’m psyched! Thanks!


  22. #
    Charlene — July 16, 2012 @ 1:15 am

    I just made this, but with strawberries and cherries/raspberries in place of blueberries.

    As I’ve never successfully pulled off a “crisp” before, this was a major, major hit.
    It may have even improved my general well-being. Kudos!


  23. #
    Melissa — January 4, 2013 @ 2:17 am

    Ok so I made this for dessert on Christmas Eve. Lets just say that I have already made it again since Christmas. Seriously that good. Love love love this recipe.


  24. #
    Lavelle Ziemski — May 2, 2013 @ 3:45 pm

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  25. #
    Michele — January 1, 2014 @ 1:01 pm

    Made this for a New Year’s dinner and holy crap, it was a hit. SO delicious. Who new balsamic and blueberry worked so well??


  26. #
    Sahar — January 22, 2015 @ 6:02 pm

    Hi Jessica,
    This is my first time here and I can’t say in words how much I’ve enjoyed going through your recipes and reading your posts. I’m not married but these guy troubles you mentioned sound familiar, but could not stop laughing at this post of yours.
    You’re probably the only one who said this in the words that I wanted to say it in as well: “I am inconceivably, foolishly, passionately in love with food”. Same here.
    Will definitely try the Crisp.

    P.S. your son is very very cute.


  27. #
    James Forest — May 8, 2015 @ 11:33 am

    Blueberries is one fruit my kids will eat so this dessert sounds amazing. Going to pass this on to the wife. My o my those pictures look amazing, thanks for sharing this recipe.



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