1. If you follow along on Facebook, you already know what I ate for dinner last night. It was this beauty:

Toasted whole grain bread with tons of mushrooms (inside and out), a bit of Kerrygold aged cheddar and kale chips. It was amazing and I am in love wish mushrooms. My veggie transformation has gone from kale -> brussels -> mushrooms. What do you think will be next?


2. Two years ago, I ran over my glasses with my car while teaching an outdoor bootcamp at 5:45 am. It’s a long story. Since then, I’ve been wearing my backup glasses and let me just come out and say it: I should not be driving with them on. I’m basically blind. So, today I decided it was finally time to get new glasses since I’ve now had two different prescriptions. I love the ones I picked up, but remember when my oven broke earlier this month? I thought that was quite the expense, but clearly it was nothing compared to my new specs.  March must be an expensive month.


3. These flowers have been living in our dining room for two weeks. TWO!

They are so pretty. I hope they live forever.


4. Update on the cake batter chocolates: I put them in the freezer, and was disappointed. They get so firm that I nearly broke a tooth! I prefer devouring them at room temperature.


5. This Trader Joe’s white cheddar popcorn is my new kryptonite.

Someone save me.