1. I am officially in sprinkle withdrawal. I have the shakes.

2. A few beverages were consumed last week. Roughly… 12 cases of beer, 4 gallons of Malibu, some sweet tea vodka… not including what we had when we went out to eat. [Which by the way, was a fanfreakingtastic fudge cake martini.] I don’t even want to tell you how many people were on vacation because it’s not that many. Let’s just say it was less than 14.

3. Like I said, just a few beverages.

4. I completely forgot about these. And with the way things are going here, I should completely forget about them.

5. If you’re a long time reader, you know I’ve been a GIANT Sunday night HBO programming freak for over 10 years. I’m convinced that network can do no wrong. Now I’ve decided I’m going to make a big, fun dinner on Sunday nights before True Blood to fuel my obsession. Too bad I don’t have any friends.

6. Have you checked out RecipeBoy? He just might be the coolest 10-year old in the world. And he made a pizza with bacon. If I didn’t have nearly 20 years on him, I’d think he was my soulmate.

7. My brother made an awesome beach playlist, made even awesomer by songs from Neil Diamond and James Taylor and then a bunch of other inappropriate songs that embarrassed all of the adults. Nothing like my kitchen playlist.

8. Yes, awesomer is a word.

9. No, I’m not one of the adults. But I could play one on TV.

10. Filet for dinner tonight with green bean fries and sweet potato fries! What are you having?