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I am in love with Summer Fridays and I’m so glad that you are too! xoxo


On some chocolate dipped watermelon pops! I’ve made these every summer for the last few years and they are super fun. Cut your watermelon into wedges, dip in melted chocolate (stir in some melted coconut oil to create a chocolate “shell!”) and cover in sprinkles. Freeze for a bit, then eat! Max flips over these. Cute!


Since it’s Father’s Day weekend, we’re having a weekend of allllll Eddie’s favorite things, starting on the grill. I’m thinking these baby back ribs with root beer BBQ sauce, this crispy bacon pasta salad, marinated grilled veggies and – of course – these salted dark chocolate chunk cookies!


On my favorite micheladas. Sounds SO super delicious at the moment and just give me some chips and guac! There is also a watermelon michelada in The Pretty Dish and I desperately want it right now.


The best veggie burger ever. It is seriously THE BEST. I made it and have been prepping some for the week (because it’s also amazing in salads and pitas!) and it’s so good. One of the best things I’ve made and tasted! Recipe is coming very very very soon.


On Tuesday night we went to see On Your Feet, the broadway musical of Gloria and Emilio Estefan’s career. It was INCREDIBLE. Not only was it amazing to hear (watch!) their story, the cast was incredible and the music was so, so good. It was so 90s, in the best way possible. The show itself sort of reminded me of Jersey Boys, because it practically feels like you’re at a concert. If you have a chance to see it, you must! It was also super inspirational as it told the story of them getting their music out there, how difficult it was and how hard they worked to make it happen.


This past week, I finished The Light We Lost. I’m so torn. I mean, I blew through the book and was caught up in the story. Initially I was very drawn to it because it begins around 9/11 and I was close to the same age the characters are when it happens. I loved the writing and most of the story. But I didn’t find any of the three main characters super likable. I guess that’s probably why it’s such a great book – because they are REAL? I wasn’t shocked at the ending but I sort of hated how it didn’t give much insight into how her relationship would be from that point on. Did you read it? Let me know in the comments below! Also – a few days ago I started The Last Mrs Parrish and I am reeeeally liking it! Like I feel asleep reading it last night and woke up to my phone falling on my face because I couldn’t put it down.


Maybe definitely bought this summer fridays shirt accidentally on purpose! There is also a swimsuit and I mean, I’m tempted, buuuuut. Not as cute.


This week’s playlist is a bit Eddie-inspired for Father’s Day… but also a little all over the place. Shocking! You can find it here.


To one of our favorite places this week – Washington DC! But now, I need you to tell me all about the best kid-friendly restaurants please!


This little slice of life right now so much. Ugh, it sounds so cliche and annoying and goofy but when I wake up and look at these babies, I lose my mind over how much I love them. And with how easy it is to fall into the comparison trap these days (oh hi, I’m the queen of that), all I have to do is look at them and feel how wonderful this real life is. When I feel myself getting pulled into that comparison trap, I think about what I’ll care about in five, 15, 35 years and what will really matter. IT WORKS.


Not only do we have Father’s Day, but yesterday was my mom’s birthday and Sunday is Lacy’s birthday! Hello cake overload. It’s really summer!

summer fridays I #summer #fridays

Dip these little slices in tequila before chocolate too. Maybe?