summer fridays I #summer #fridays

HELLO summer fridays! I love you so much.


An outdoor picnic spread for us! Like I want a blanket, a basket and all the rosé one could desire. I want to do it at sunset or maybe around an outdoor movie?


I can’t get enough of my lavender lemonade. I know it’s wild how seriously into lavender I’ve become in the last few years (especially because I loathe all floral scents and have not really been into it in my food either!), but when the lavender is combined with sugar, it’s a whole different ballgame. I’m definitely making a batch of this as a little Friday indulgence. And I’m thinking of adding some of the Trader Joe’s sparkling lemonade so it’s bubbly? This week, I’ve also been verrrry into my strawberry summer water. Because… it’s the week after vacation.


This week’s playlist is totally picnic inspired. I’m obsessed with this for a Sunday afternoon. It’s like Nancy Meyers movie meets picnic lunch.


A packable picnic lunch to go with your playlist! I’m thinking things like my favorite egg salad, either with a baguette or lettuce cups, this pistachio pesto burrata pasta salad, the salted lavender honey nuts, these goat cheese stuffed figs and maybe even these rosé champagne gummy bears for a treat!


I’m finishing up The Summer I Met Jack and I am SO into it. It probably helps that last week I watched Chappaquiddick super late one night while editing a bunch of photos, then stayed up for another two hours wikipedia-ing everything about that situation and Kennedy family. And speaking of, have you guys read (or bought) Maria Shriver’s book I’ve Been Thinking? After listening to her on Oprah’s podcast, I knew I had to race out and get that book for my nightstand.


Affogato. Alllll the affogato. It started in Rehoboth Beach a few weeks ago. We saw it, we wanted it, we didn’t end up getting it even though we talked about it daily for three days. Earlier this week I did a post with Haagen-Dazs for affogato and I had to shoot it three times to get the perfect pour shot that I really wanted. Now, I want it every single night after dinner. Like it’s all I’m thinking about. Oh and to make matters worse, I have an entire affogato bar in The Pretty Dish. Having a Nespresso machine makes it so easy. And irresistible.


It’s still summer and we’re still sharing our summer essentials guide over at Sweet Peas Meals. And! We have a super easy + quick lunchbox guide coming next. Going to be so helpful in a few weeks.


Okay so it was a wacky week and I won’t lie: I lived in leggings (my favorite are the lulu align, I probably have like 15 pairs) and denim shirts. The denim shirt for summer that I’m loving is this one by Cloth and Stone. I actually have multiple button down shirts from Cloth and Stone and they are just SO soft. Seriously comfortable and when I say I live in them… well, it’s embarrassing.


I shared my beauty favorites earlier this week, but one of my forever summer favorites is this Sol de Janeiro body butter. If you’ve been reading for a while then you know how much I adore this. It smells like summer and the scent is STRONG. It smells like vanilla and pistachio and almost and coconut and it’s just incredible. I have it in the body cream, the body wash, the lip balm, a bath bomb and the hand cream (in my purse) and it’s one signature scent that surrounds me in summer, even if it’s not the perfume I’m wearing. And that’s the thing – it doesn’t necessarily interfere with perfume either, even though it has its own scent. ANYHOO. I love it but I put it away come September. So we’re getting close! I love having those special seasonal scents. I’m weird.


At fall decor last night on the interwebs. How much are you judging me right now? I have to do a Christmas themed shoot this weekend so it’s not like I’m THAT wacky.

summer fridays I #summer #fridays

Make it an ice cream weekend! xo