summer fridays

Welcome back to Summer Fridays, the best kind of Friday there is!


So much incredible seafood this week after being in Nantucket. Our full trip recap is coming next week but in the meantime, I’m so inspired to do another lobster grilled cheese AND especially this summer shrimp and corn carbonara.


Naturally, my white clam sauce pizza with chili oil this weekend. I live for that thing.


An orange crush this weekend, for sure. I have been craving one and def plan on working on that tonight! Maybe I’ll do a grapefruit crush? You guys always tell me about them! I’m also going to make a pitcher of my favorite strawberry summer water tomorrow morning. It’s the best for fruity hydration.


Some of my go-to healthier eats after eating all the things in Nantucket. I’m doing the overnight oats from The Pretty Dish and this blueberry peach chia pudding. Probably grabbing things for shaved egg avocado toast, the slow roasted tomato farro salad and this greek salad in a jar that I love. Same with the grilled broccoli salad – it’s amazing. More veg and halloumi skewers too! Oh and I definitely will make a batch of lavender vanilla syrup for lattes because… summer!


A loaf of lavender banana bread… but maybe into muffins? I love this recipe so much.


I am waiting so excitedly for Elin’s new book to come out on Tuesday, but in the meantime I started Mrs Everything on the way home from Nantucket yesterday. I finished The Mother In Law while we were there and I’m torn. I did like the story. I liked the ending. But I think I wanted something even fluffier and beachier and happier to read. I just didn’t LOVE it. But I also rarely read any sort of mystery/suspense fiction – even though I feel like it wasn’t even mystery? Anyhoo – what are you reading this week! Summer reading list 2019, right here!


This Tan Lines candle and I am IN LOVE. I found this candle at Milly and Grace and absolutely fell head over heels with the scent. The Coconut Milk and Cream candle is also outstanding. It’s been a long time since I fell in love with a new candle and these are so good.


To a little Father’s Day inspired playlist this week! We’re hoping to have a super fun weekend for Eddie!


For a perfect card case! I like a very sleek one, and used a card case that I loved for the last seven years until last week, it finally ripped down the sides. I love having something that I can easily carry, easily throw in my pocket but also easily find in my purse. I don’t want a slim wallet that folds – just a regular slim card case! Give me your best recs.


In these workout tanks from Target! They aren’t even exclusively workout tanks… but they are so soft and I love the cut. I have two of them in black and then a few in other colors – they are great for running errands and just generally doing anything that doesn’t require dressing up. They are so comfy.


About doing the celery juice thing. Guys. I know. I said that. Don’t leave me. I can’t believe the words even came out of my mouth because I LOATHE celery. But after having a horrible upper respiratory infection for the last ten days and it truly taking me out of commission and making me feel like garbage, I’m wondering if a little celery juice in the morning will boost immunity! I already do lots of apple cider vinegar and turmeric and bee pollen and ginger on the daily. How would I do it? I figure if I chug it down right after I get off the Peloton, maybe I can just suck it up. The worst part is that I don’t want to juice the celery myself… can’t I just buy it somewhere? Ha. Not cleaning a juicer every day. As you can see, I’m desperate for this sickness to never happen again! In the meantime, now that I’m home: immunity boosting smoothie on repeat.

summer fridays

The color of this water is life.