Finally it’s February!

what to eat this week

There are lots of old favorites on the menu this week!

what to eat this week

This week, we’re kicking things off with and oldie but goodie: thai coconut chickpea curry. I love this recipe so much – it’s perfect for a Monday. Hearty and comforting without being terribly heavy. Leftovers for lunch are amazing too. I make coconut rice, but minute rice works in a pinch.

Next up: rosemary chicken bacon avocado salads! This is an incredible meal-sized salad and the flavor is fantastic. Everyone always loves this recipe! You can make the chicken ahead of time, as well as the bacon and store it in the fridge. Same with the dressing.

Moving on to my smoky sweet potato burgers – these are another old favorite. If you’re not into the burger on the bun, you can do a lettuce wrap (iceberg or butter leaves are my first choice) or even serve the patty by itself. I’d suggest these parmesan pistachio kale chips on the side.

Since we’re still in the thick of winter, I’m throwing this chicken and dumplings on the menu while I still can. This is the ULTIMATE comfort food. It’s even good reheated the next day.

And finally, pineapple chorizo rice bowls with avocado crema. Another huge flavor winner. You can add anything extra you may love to these bowls or make it a clean-out-the-fridge meal.

These pumpkin protein pancakes are also on the list for breakfast – may as well get in a little pumpkin while I still can. And for lunch, shaved egg (or chopped, if you’re taking it to work!) avocado toast.

what to eat this week

What’s on your menu this week?!