This week’s meals are filled with more easy, delish pantry staple ingredients!

what to eat this week

Some are dishes I haven’t made in a while so naturally, I’m craving everything.

what to eat this week

A super quick meal to kick off Monday. This spicy garlic chickpea pasta is delicious and fast. If you want to add meat, throw in some chicken or shrimp. Leftovers are really good too.

Next, I suggest making the smoky pulled pork. You can even throw it in the slow cooker on Monday night. Don’t worry about the apple slaw (unless you’re really craving it!) – I would make sandwiches with BBQ sauce and pulled pork and serve it alongside this smashed cucumber salad. If you want to skip the sandwiches, serve the pulled pork with BBQ sauce and this skillet cornbread! Save the pork for a leftover meal later in the week.

Throwing it back to these sweet potato quinoa cakes! They are a great meal to use up your pantry staples and they’re super delicious too. If you don’t have the fruit (you can use frozen, BTW)  for the salsa, serves these alongside this tortellini salad or even a green bean salad.

This butternut squash kale salad is very satisfying and tastes like comfort food. It’s definitely on my list. It’s another meal where you can add some clean-out-the-fridge ingredients – and the dressing is made with jam!

Roasted buffalo cauliflower flatbread is made with a dough that doesn’t requite yeast, thank goodness! Make this and enjoy with a house salad on the side.

Now to use up the pulled pork leftovers! Let’s make these fire roasted pulled pork stuffed peppers. They have so much flavor and taste incredible.

For lunchtime: I’m thinking southwest chicken slider melts on toast. And breakfast? Give me all the make ahead strawberry banana cream oatmeal.

what to eat this week

What do you plan on making this week?!