summer fridays

Hey hey summer fridays! So glad you’re here.


My summer chickpea salad on repeat! This is the best thing to prep at the start of each week. I also want to make this grilled whole fish in the next week.


My rosé sangria for sure. I also really want to make a batch of my fresh mint limeade! And my rainbow coconut water spritzers to celebrate Pride!


This weekend I’m totally making a batch of my grilled guacamole. I’m also thinking about making some of my salted watermelon margarita popsicles! It’s a great recipe because you can use some of watermelon juice alone to make popsicles for your kids. And a batch of my smoky summer chicken salad for lunches.


My black raspberry lavender cobbler. It’s incredible.


This perfect chili lime watermelon. It’s so refreshing and has the best bite. See also: I have another watermelon treat coming next week in time for the 4th!


This past week I finished 28 Summers and am now reading The Lies That Bind. If you haven’t joined our book club yet, join here! We just had our June book discussion live on FB last night. And you can find my 2020 summer reading list here.


To my summer 2020 country playlist. I have had this on repeat for the last two-ish months. It’s quintessential summer for me.


If you’re not following Tabitha Brown on instagram yet, run and do so. She is incredible and she just got a show on Ellen’s digital network!


These KNC beauty eye masks! I am obsessed. I’ll talk more about them in my beauty faves this month but they are so good and really stick to your under eye. Perfect for quarantine self care.


This workout tank which is amazing. Do you remember my obsession last summer with the C9 black tanks? They no longer have those, but these ones are amazing. They are cut differently (the cut of the C9 tank was so good) but the fabric is more workout-ish, like sweat resistant. I really love it!


If you haven’t made my banana cake with coffee frosting (it’s been a quarantine staple!), I’m sharing a new video on the recipe page. This cake is unreal. And it’s easy too!


Last year I switched to an academic year planner, which I ended up loving. I’m not sure if I would like the academic year planner if I didn’t have kids, but now it really seems to make sense to me. I just ordered my new passion planner for August! It’s by far the best planner I’ve ever used. I get the largest size with the week starting on Monday.


Maybe my brain is going crazy, but my scent-loving people will get this. I might start wearing a pandemic-only scent. Ha. Scents are insanely powerful for me – one sniff of Sunflowers perfume and I’m instantly transported to sixth grade. One spray of Prada Amber and I’m 22 again. I keep perfumes forever just to smell and remember times in my life. Not that this is a time I certainly want to transport back to, but I still think I need a summer 2020 only scent…

summer fridays